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Client Acquisition Tips from Bill Cates

The value of a great center of influence or Referral Partner can far surpass the value of your biggest client. Are you maximizing your Referral Partners? Are you sure?

Are you making these mistakes?
• Assuming you’re referable?
• Assuming they know how to introduce you?
• Assuming they know who you serve the best?

Apply these 8 simple strategies + a bonus idea, and get ready for more introductions from high-trust sources in your community.


“Darn it! I forget to mention referrals with this client?” How many times have you thought that?

Remember when you were a child and your school teacher was teaching you how to cross the street with a traffic light? I think my daughter even had a song she used to sing.

Green means go. Red means stop! Yellow means be careful. Right?

Here’s a simple idea I learned from a participant on a recent webinar. He calls it “The Green Light Strategy.” See if this “lights you up!”


Have you ever met a referral prospect socially first, only to find it difficult to then schedule the business meeting?

Maybe you felt like you connected with the prospect over a meal or a round of golf, but the whole purpose of this social meeting – to gain a connection for a business conversation – fizzled away?

It’s possible you were missing the ONE KEY STRATEGY that would have made all the difference in the world. Don’t let this happen again!


I am often asked, “How often can I ask my client for referrals?” The thought of asking for referrals more than once feels pushy to some.

This is a hard question to answer, because it depends a lot on the client – how open they are to giving referrals, how connected they are, and who in their life you’ve discovered to suggest for a possible introduction.

There are two keys to asking for referrals a second or third time (or more)…


The best LinkedIn profiles move people to take action. They are written in such a way that visitors will take action; accept your invitation, want to connect with you, and meet with you because someone they trust recommended you.

A compelling profile, voice mail message, email message – you name it – moves people to action. Isn’t that what you want?


You can get an email introduction – which is better than nothing. OR you can get an email handshake. What is that and how do you get one? Here’s how I turned an email introduction into an email handshake.


As you become more referable and even ask for referrals, if you’re not careful, your referral marketing efforts might start to generate prospects who don’t fit your business. What do you do if you receive a client referral that just isn’t a match?


I have an important question to ask you! If a prospect is not right for your business, are you right for them? Probably not. Yet do you ever take on clients who aren’t a good fit for you? Probably so. But why? Often, the answer is because your client took the initiative to refer a friend to you, and you felt obligated to take them on.


According to the IRS, roughly 39% of the wealthiest investors — those with assets of at least $625,000 — are women. In the affluent women’s market, there are over one million women with a net worth of at least $1 million. Females make over 80% of buying decisions. It’s no wonder that many financial professional aspire to capture their share of the growing affluent women’s market. If you hope to attract and retain more affluent women as clients, you better have a plan…


I was watching a movie last night and a guy said to his girlfriend – who was miffed at some of his behavior – “But I can change!” Can he? Can people change? My answer is a resounding, “It depends!” Usually someone won’t change their behavior until the cost of that behavior outweighs the…


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