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A Simple Digital Strategy That Promotes Introductions in 3 Easy Steps

by Bill Cates
3 Step Digital Strategy for Promoting Referrals and Introductions

The easier you can make it for people to introduce others to you, the more likely they’ll do it. Here is an easy 3-step digital strategy that you can set up to help make it very easy for your clients, centers of influence, and other advocates to provide you with quality introductions.


This is a relatively simple process that I’ve helped a number of clients (small businesses, corporate clients, and associations) implement over the last several years.   One association has acquired 65 new members in less than four months!


A 3-Step Digital Strategy That Promotes Referrals and Introductions


STEP 1: Create a website landing page where you want all of your referral prospects to start learning about you.


Here are some important elements of this landing page:

*    Use an easy-to-remember address such as:   The shorter and easier to remember your address, the better.

*    The headline should be clear, concise, and benefit oriented.

*    The first paragraph should be one sentence that reads something like:  “You’re on this website because someone who cares for you believes that you should know about the important work we do.”

*    If you’re comfortable in front of a video camera, post a 2-minute video talking about why you believe in the value that you bring.

*    Have a very clear and compelling Call to Action. Click here (or “send an email”) to receive our new report on the “7 Critical Steps to Retiring Without Running Out of Money” or whatever fits your business.   Whatever the next action step you want this visitor to take, tell them to do it and make it easy for them to follow through.


STEP 2: Tell all your clients, centers of influence, and advocates about this new page on your website.


*    Let everyone know via email that whomever they send to this page will receive a valuable report. This invitation needs to be compelling for both the referral source and the prospect.

*    Include it in all appropriate written and digital correspondence. “We’ve Made It Simple and Easy for You to Introduce Our Value to Others”

*    When in person, show them this new website page.

*    Without being obnoxious, build this digital strategy into your culture. Keep the message alive.

*    Tell your clients to let you know every time they recommend someone to visit this page.



Step 3: Follow up quickly with every visitor who reaches out to you.


*    Never let a referral or introduction fall through the cracks.

*    Without being overly aggressive, have a predetermined process consisting of email and phone calls to reach out to these new prospects.

*    Keep your referral source in the loop. If you have trouble reaching these people, let your referral source know. Sometimes they can come to the rescue and keep this introduction alive.



Whether you utilize this digital strategy or not, remember the overarching principle: make it as easy and comfortable as possible for your clients, centers of influence, and advocates to send folks your way.


And don’t let this digital strategy ever replace our tried-and-true V.I.P.S. Method for Asking for Referrals.


Referral Coach