INTRODUCING: Bill Cates’ NEW BookThe Language of Referrals

Never be at a loss for words again!

The secret to generating referrals and transforming personal introductions into new clients boils down to two key traits: confidence and fluency.

It’s all about mastering what you say – and how you say it – in a manner that inspires action while remaining completely natural and authentic to your personal communication style.

Bill Cates’ newest book, The Language of Referrals, is your blueprint for finding the right words and phrases to elevate your referability, confidently ask for introductions, address concerns and objections, and turn the willingness to refer into effective connections with your new prospects

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The Language of Referrals is a goldmine for financial advisors. Thanks to this book, our advisors no longer feel awkward asking for referrals and have become fluent in the words that turn happy clients into advocates.”

Jon KuttinBarron’s Top 100 Advisor and Host of Quantum Growth for Financial Advisors

Language of Referrals is so much more than just a book!

Sure, the book itself is a goldmine (Jon’s words, not ours!) But what will really make The Language of Referrals your secret weapon is all the FREE success resources you’ll receive to ensure that you put what you learn into action! Click below to learn more about how the BONUS Toolkit will help you turn WORDS into CLIENTS. 
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The Words & Scripts Highly-Successful Financial Professionals Use to Gain More Ideal Clients

PART 1 ~ Develop the Right Inner Script
Identify and Remove Limiting Beliefs and Mistaken Assumptions

It’s time to eliminate counterproductive self-talk and perspectives, replacing them with more expansive thinking. Become fluent in the inner language that drives you to confidently bring your value to those who need your guidance.

PART 2 ~ Become Super Referable

Maximize Client Engagement to Get More Unsolicited Referrals & Introductions

You want to ensure you are as referable as possible. Becoming super referable requires creating more engaged clients – clients who feel good about your value, and who like and trust you. Learn the language of becoming super referable in the eyes of your prospects, clients, and centers of influence.

PART 3 ~ Promote Introductions

Plant Seeds and Trigger Spontaneous Referrals without Asking

You can encourage the idea of possible introductions quickly in a new relationship, while you build a productive culture of personal introductions over time. Learn the language of promoting introductions in a way that cultivates spontaneous opportunities.

PART 4 ~ Ask for Introductions
Be Proactive without Pushing, Begging, or Feeling Creepy

You can ask for introductions without looking like “That Creepy Referral Guy.” It’s all about learning a proven process, and gaining the confidence to consistently use it to produce results. Learn the language of asking for introductions in a manner that’s natural, conversational, authentic, and effective.

PART 5 ~ Navigate Concerns & Objections

Explore, Understand, and Reframe

Using Bill’s process, you won’t encounter much reluctance or resistance. However, knowing how to converse with your clients who are reluctant to make introductions – in a non-aggressive and professional manner – will boost your confidence and results. Learn the language of exploring, understanding, and reframing referral reluctance.

PART 6 ~ Secure an Effective Introduction

Get Connected with Compelling Relevance

Many financial professionals get stuck here and see their results fall short. Your process is not complete until you get connected to your new prospect. Learn the language of introductions to turn a willingness to refer into solid connections with prospects waiting to hear from you.

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Praise for The Language of Referrals

“Financial advisors of all success levels seem to struggle with asking for referrals appropriately and effectively. This book will put an end to that struggle. Take these scripts, make them yours, and enjoy the results.”

Tom Hegna
Author, Speaker, and Economist

“Cates gives you the ability to transform words into results. This book is a confidence booster and a results producer!”

Marybeth Kuzmeski, PhD, CSP
Author of The Connectors

“If you dread asking clients for introductions, you need this book! The VIPS Method for requesting introductions will remove all the stress and awkwardness. Securing introductions will become natural and comfortable.”

Joe Jordan
Author of Living a Life of Significance

“Referrals are the most time-effective way for financial advisors to build their businesses and they’re FREE! You can try to reinvent the wheel and make up your own referral process and scripts… or you can simply implement what Bill, a master at referrals, teaches you to do.
I recommend the latter.”

Bill Bachrach
Author of Values-Based Financial Planning


Language of Referrals Toolkit™

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* eGuide: Team Referral Culture Checklist
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“Bill released his 5th book recently – The Language of ReferralsI didn’t buy 1 copy. I bought 10 copies. One for myself and the rest for my team.”

Mando Sallavanti, III, CFP®, CEPA, CLTC® (Moosic, PA)



Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in the art and science of acquiring new clients through referrals and personal introductions. Bill is President of Referral Coach International, founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™, and the host of Top Advisor Podcast. Bill was recently rated as the #1 Financial Advisor Influencer by Indigo Marketing.

Bill has authored several bestsellers including Get More Referrals NowDon’t Keep Me a SecretBeyond Referrals, and Radical Relevance. Readers highly anticipate his upcoming release, “The Language of Referrals” as he continues to shape conversations in the world of referrals and personal introductions.

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