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A perpetual flow of referrals and appointments is the lifeblood of any successful business. 

70% of new financial professionals don’t make it past their 3rd year.

Over-reliance on cold calling and purchased leads are a recipe for mediocrity.

Unfortunately, these tend to be the default client acquisition methods for new financial professionals, leading to a high washout rate.

But… it doesn’t have to be this way! 

Despite popular belief, you CAN build a thriving referral-based business early in your career. Watch the video above or scroll down to find out how this comprehensive, on-demand, and easy-to-implement training program from Bill Cates (The Referral Coach) and Gail B. Goodman (The Phone Teacher) will teach you how to do exactly that. 

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“Prospecting in Your First Year (And Beyond)”

Video-Based Training Program Covering Referrals and Appointment-Setting Skills for Financial Professionals

Presented by Bill Cates & Gail B. Goodman

Let’s face it … the client acquisition process is challenging for everyone these days, but especially for new financial professionals. This is why industry experts Bill Cates and Gail Goodman have joined forces to bring you a proven training program that will help you create the foundation you need to create long-term, career-building success.

Put The PhoneTeacher and The Referral Coach on your personal coaching team with this comprehensive, on-demand, and easy-to-implement training program, specifically designed with you – the newer financial professional in mind.


Benefits & Advantages

Boost Your Confidence & Skill with Referrals

You Will Discover How to:

  • Become super referable to get more referrals without asking.
  • Generate more referrals from your natural market.
  • Ask for referrals confidently without pushing or begging.
  • Turn referrals into introductions that spark the prospect’s interest.
  • Prospect more effectively with LinkedIn.
  • Create productive relationships with centers of influence.

Set More Appointments That Stick

You Will Discover How to:

  • Get people to pick up in a no-pick up world.
  • Choose the right language for better results
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes most people make.
  • Contact your natural market without sacrificing the relationship.
  • Keep the appointments you set on the books.
  • Use the most up-to-date system for setting appointments.

“Gail’s techniques helped decrease my hang-up rate by 81%, and increase my appointments set by 76%.  Using her digital business card and follow-up strategies has helped me consistently set 20+ appointments per week.”

Rodney Mogen, DBA, MBA, CRPC, AAMS, CAM
Brokerage Director (San Antonio, TX)

“Before I met Bill, I was making a ton of cold calls. Bill showed me how to go from cold calls to referrals, and I tripled my production the very next month. I wouldn’t be where I am today without working with Bill’s processes.”

James Mwombela
Financial Advisor (Raleigh, NC)

Here’s What You Get

Easy-to-Use Virtual Training

We take the guesswork out of getting referrals and setting appointments.

24/7 On-Demand Access

Learn at your own pace, when it’s most convenient for you

7-Week Action Plan

Step-by-step plan and goals to maximize results and ensure success

Program Overview


Course #1: Building Your Referral Based-Business

With Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE | Referral Coach International

  • Module 1: Become Super Referable

    • Lesson #1A – Create a Value Connection with Prospects
    • Lesson #1B – Create a Personal Connection with Prospects
    • Lesson #2 – Thrill New Clients with Your Onboarding Process
    • Lesson #3 – Provide Your Clients with a Great Experience Over Time
  • Module 2: Become Proactive for Referrals

    • Lesson #1 – Develop a Growth Mindset
    • Lesson #2 – Promote Introductions with Clients, Prospect, and Natural Market
    • Lesson #3A  – Ask for Introductions without Pushing or Begging
    • Lesson #3B – Mastering the V.I.P.S. Method
    • Lesson #4 – Navigate Concerns and Objections
    • Lesson #5 – Secure a Solid Introduction
  • Module 3: Prospecting with LinkedIn

    • Lesson #1 – Focus on a Target Market
    • Lesson #2 – Start Prospecting with a Super-Relevant Message
  • Module 4: Create Powerful Referral Partners

    • Lesson #1 – Find the Right Centers of Influence for You
    • Lesson #2 – Start Building Productive Relationships

Course #2: Modern Appointment Setting

With Gail B. Goodman | The Phone Teacher

  • Module 1: Digital | Vocal | Personal Marketing Mix

    • Lesson #1 – Digital, Vocal, Personal marketing techniques
    • Lesson #2 – Becoming a Contact – creating and using a Digital business card, getting into other people’s phones
    • Lesson #3 – Setting Phone Appointments – working around the no-pick-up culture, what to write to schedule a convenient time to call
    • Lesson #4 – Personal Marketing – a review of face-to-face ideas
  • Module 2: Better Scripts

    • Lesson #1 – The Purpose of an appointment and the most Common Phone Mistakes
    • Lesson #2 – The Seven Parts of a Script: Part 1 – A,B,C,D and Part 2 – E, F, G components
    • Lesson #3 – Response Handling – understanding the 4 categories of response
  • Module 3: Getting Personal

    • Lesson #1 – The Five Categories of your Natural Market – how your relationships dictate your phone words
    • Lesson #2 – Phone Networking – transferring good networking skills to those you’ve not seen for a while

Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving?
Are you ready to accelerate your business growth?

For only $397, you get 1-year of access to this powerful training platform.

      • Course 1: Building Your Referral Based-Business – 13 high-content video lessons from Bill Cates
      • Course 2: Modern Appointment Setting – 9 high-content video lessons from Gail B. Goodman
      • 7-Week Success Guide – Your straight-forward roadmap through all the courses to maximize learning & results)
      • Scripts & Word Tracks – Bill and Gail give you sample scripts and word tracks to build your confidence.
      • Results-Producing Resources – Bill and Gail provide other learning and reinforcement tools to help you create results.

Special Invitation to 3 group coaching calls with Bill & Gail.*

–    Bring your toughest referral getting and appointment setting challenges to this call.
–    Get your questions answers. Get unstuck. Get inspired and reenergized.

* Calls will be scheduled a minimum of 30 days in advance (so you won’t miss them) and will be recorded for later access.

Build your business on a strong foundation of generating referrals and setting more appointments. 
One new client will cover your initial investment. Your income will compound from there!

Let’s Get Started!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You WILL See Results … We Guarantee It!

We are certain you will find great value in the focus, coaching, teaching, support, accountability and results delivered this on-demand video course. However, if at any time you are not satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of your money.

What is the value of acquiring even just one new perfect-fit client for your business? Now, ask yourself this: What do you have to lose?

“I’m 1.5 years into this business. Both last week and this week I had eighteen appointments. My business is way up since I incorporated your system into my process.”

Y. Sebastian Winston, Ph.D
San Diego, CA

“The hardest thing for me used to be the phoning process. Gail’s practices have taught me how to refine my language and steer the conversation to secure more appointments and help more people.”

Colton Odykirk
Financial Professional (White Lake, MI)


  • How long will it take me to complete all of the courses?

    We have laid out a 7-week action plan that will allow you to make consistent progress without overwhelming you or taking time away from other important activities. With that said, since you will have access to these courses for up to one full year, you can take whatever pace you like and revisit the lessons as often as you like.

  • How much time should I allocate to the training each week?

    If you follow the 7-week action plan, you should allocate about 60 to 90 minutes per week for self-study. We recommend you encourage at least one colleague to also enroll in this program – to learn and succeed together. If you do that, you should think in terms of allocating another 30 to 60 minutes per week for discussions and practice.

  • What if I discover this program isn't a good fit for me?

    While this program is directed at newer financial professionals, the strategies and methods can be applied to any level of tenure and success. If you believe this program is just not a fit for you, you can do one of two things:  1) Transfer your membership to another financial professional, or 2)  Request a refund. For either choice contact our office. A membership transfer will be done at no charge. A full refund will be issued, less a $50 processing fee.

  • What can I do to increase my chances for success?

    While this program is designed for individual self-study, you can increase your chances for success by going through the program with at least one other colleague. But don’t delay your decision today, by waiting to find someone else. Make the investment. Get these tools into your hands as quickly as possible. The find one or two colleagues to make a similar investment. You will learn, grow, and succeed together.

  • I'm an experienced advisor. Will I get value from this program?

    Many experienced advisors are successful because they have created good habits and are consistent.  However,  when times change it’s important to update your habits around critical skills like appointment setting and getting referrals.  Updating and improving your verbiage on the phone, and in person, will absolutely yield more success.  Gail and Bill give highly specific wording for getting appointments and introductions, which might be more modern than what you learned as a rookie.

  • My agency trains on referrals and appointment setting. Do I need this, too?

    We work with many companies and managers to support the training they provide.  However, we all know that another voice can reinforce the training you have received at your company.  Bill and Gail go into more detail around these two topics because that is what they have focused on for decades.  Their training with not conflict with what you’ve been told, but rather, enhance it.

About Gail B. Goodman

Gail has been recognized as the financial services industry premier appointment-setting trainer.  For over three decades, she has created the most up-to-date training materials which accurately reflect our phoning culture.  Her recent book, “Modern Appointment Setting” was written to help all salespeople and managers to adjust to the era of robocalls and no one picking up their smartphones.

We all need to know how to coordinate technology, phone calling and face-to-face marketing into a modern approach. Gail’s training has always been ahead of the changes by offering the best phone techniques and scripts.

Gail lives on a horse farm outside of Nashville with her husband and too many animals.

About Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

Bill works with financial professionals to speed up their growth without increasing their marketing budget. They tap into Bill’s proven process to multiply their best clients through introductions from clients and Centers of Influence (such as CPAs and attorneys), communicate their value proposition more effectively, and create a reputation in a profitable target market.

Bill is the founder and CEO of Referral Coach International, as well as the author of four best-selling books, Get More Referrals Now, Don’t Keep Me a Secret, Beyond Referrals, and Radical Relevance. Bill is a highly sought-after international speaker and coach, as well as the founder of The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™.

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