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Multiply Your Best Clients!

Individual & Group Coaching
with Bill Cates, Referral Coach


Coaching programs for financial professionals designed to significantly increase your revenue without increasing your marketing budget. Schedule a brief strategy call with Bill to determine which program is right for you!

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“Bill, can you help me get in front of more qualified prospects more easily?”


We hear this question all the time and the answer is … YES!

No matter which program you choose (click here to compare), Bill will help you adopt a proven process to communicate your value more effectively, generate introductions without asking, ask for introductions without pushing or begging, and secure solid introductions to more ideal clients.

Stop wasting your time chasing after the wrong prospects and start multiplying your best clients!

More Right-Fit Clients, More Easily.
Take the Struggle Out of Growing Your Business.

When it comes to acquiring more clients, what is your biggest challenge? Perhaps you need to narrow your focus, find the right target, and/or make your messaging more effective.  Whatever your challenges, The Cates System™ will set you on the path to exponential growth. Let’s get started.

As a result of Bill’s coaching, I have brought in $12.7 million in new assets. That’s $127,000 of recurring annual income due to using Bill’s techniques.

Erin Willis, Founder & CEO – Legacy Financial (Annapolis, MD)

Bill is the premiere expert on referrals. Having him tailor his coaching program to fit my business and clients has helped me tremendously.

Dennis O’Keefe, CFP – Successful Money Solutions (Fall River, MA)

We’ve seen client referrals triple. We’re getting more of the right kind of opportunities, which has been a game-changer for our business.

Ryan Weissmueller, President – Fintrepid Solutions (Scottsdale, AZ)

Compare Coaching Programs

In the chart below, we’ve outlined a couple of our most popular coaching programs as a starting point. However, these are highly-customizable to serve your unique needs. This is why our first step is always to schedule a strategy call to discuss your challenges and goals, to ensure that the program you select is radically relevant for you.


Referral Accelerator Program

Accelerate the results that you achieve from The Cates Academy with the addition of a 1:1 personalized strategy session with Bill + Value Proposition Review, to identify key areas of focus and create a strategic roadmap to success.



  • 1-Year Membership in The Cates Academy™
    Our comprehensive online video-training program will empower you to learn Bill’s complete system in a time and cost-effective manner. (Click here or scroll down for an overview of The Cates Academy.)
  • 1:1 Kickoff Session with Bill
    Jumpstart your program with an initial strategy session, where Bill will review your Referral Gap Assessment & strategize a plan of action to maximize results.
  • Value Proposition Review
    On the kickoff call, Bill will also take you through a simple exercise to ensure you’re communicating your value proposition as effectively as possible.
  • Ongoing E-mail Coaching
    As you work through the Cates Academy, Bill will be available via email to help you work through questions and challenges as they arise. You can typically expect a response from Bill within 24-48 hours. Interested in more in-depth personal coaching? Consider our Referral Maximizer Program.
  • Reinforcement + Establishing New Habits
    You will be enrolled in our highly acclaimed RapidFire Referrals Reinforcement Program that one of our clients dubbed “The Habit Maker.” You’ll receive a brief and impactful video lesson every week for 52 weeks. (Click here for an overview of RapidFire Referrals.)

Referral Maximizer Program

Ready to kick things up a notch and really commit to building a thriving referral-based business? Our Referral Maximizer Program includes everything in the Referral Accelerator Program, plus up to 5 hours of 1:1 personal coaching with Bill Cates.




  • Up to 5 Hours of 1:1 Personal Coaching with Bill Cates
    In addition to your 45-minute kickoff session, you will receive up to 5 hours of live 1:1 Zoom coaching during which Bill Cates will work with you to address your unique & specific areas of focus to achieve unparalleled results. This time is usually split into 8-10 personal coaching sessions – depending on schedules, your desired pace of learning, and how fast you want the results to start.
  • On-Demand Tactical Coaching
    As you progress through your coaching journey, challenges will inevitably arise. Bill will be as available via email/phone/Zoom (depending on what the situation calls for) to answer questions, strategize for opportunities & debrief appointments to keep you on track.

    *** Maximizer Clients can expect a response to your email from Bill within 24 hours. If more in-depth conversation is required, a follow-up phone or Zoom call will be scheduled.

 Radical Relevance Value Messaging

If you want to win more Right-Fit Clients, your marketing message must be Radically Relevant. Get up to 2 hours of 1:1 personal coaching to help focus your target market and craft messaging that not only resonates with your prospects, but compels them to action. 


In this highly-focused look at how you communicate your value, Bill will help you become crystal-clear on who you want to attract to your business, and how to communicate your value to prospects, clients, and COIs in a well-defined, relevant, and compelling manner.

Using Bill’s proprietary formula, as outlined in his acclaimed book –  Radical Relevance – you will receive up to 2 hours of personalized 1:1 coaching and walk away with a Value Positioning Statement that will not only resonate with your Right-Fit Clients, but move to action.

Some of the many topics and strategies discussed in this program are:

  • Insight into what target market(s) will be worth the investment of your time and attention.
  • Identify one or more of your differentiators and how to communicate them with relevance and value.
  • Develop your Value Positioning Statement – a concise way to message your value quickly when needed.
  • Give your clients & COIs a concise, memorable, and effective way to convey your value to others.

Includes guides, worksheets, checklists and other tools as needed.

Includes up to 2 hours of personalized Zoom coaching with Bill Cates, spread out over 4-6 calls. Additional time may be added to the program if needed.

Don’t see a program that feels like a perfect fit for you?
CLICK HERE to schedule a call with Bill to discuss a customized program.


The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™
*** Accelerator & Maximizer Programs Include a 1-Year Membership ***

The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ is Bill’s comprehensive online video learning platform. To make our programs as time & cost efficient as possible, The Cates Academy is utilized as a key ingredient in our coaching, with the option to supplement as much group and/or 1:1 personal coaching as you need. Below is an overview of the Academy, or you can click here for complete details.


18 video lessons over 5 courses

  • Course 1Communicate Your Compelling Value to Win More Clients
  • Course 2Get Referrals without Asking by Enhancing Client Engagement
  • Course 3Requesting Referrals Without Pushing or Begging
  • Course 4Secure Solid Introductions and Appointments that Stick
  • Course 5Create Powerful Referral Partners and other Alliances


  • Scripts, word tracks, templates, and checklists
  • Skill demonstrations – Watch Bill demonstrate promoting, asking, dealing with objections, backing off, and getting introduced.
  • Audio interviews with successful advisors


  • Rapid Fire Referrals™ Reinforcement Videos (The Habit Maker)
  • Social Event Marketing – Using social events to meet referral prospects.
    Click for Complete Academy Details

“Using Bill’s process, my assets and revenue have nearly doubled in 3 years.”

Dan Brothers, CFP®
Financial Advisor (Salem, MA)


Schedule a Call with Bill

Prior to your call, Bill will send you a brief online assessment to complete. During the call, you will discuss areas of focus and determine the package that’s the best fit. 

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