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Interviews with Top Advisors for Top Advisors



Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, internationally recognized client-acquisition expert and best-selling author, sits down with the financial service industry’s top performers to learn their secrets to sustained success.

These brief but brilliant interviews will get right to the heart of what each top financial advisor is doing to acquire more right-fit clients. You’ll be reminded, renewed, and inspired to take powerful action.

You’ll impact more lives and increase your income at the same time.
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Most Recent Episode

Ep. #12 – Using the “Wow Factor” to Maximize Client Engagement and Create Advocates with Scott Miller

In this episode, Bill speaks with E. Scott Miller, VP & Investment Officer at Wells Fargo Advisors. Scott shares how he’s created the “wow factor” in his business relationships, as well as how his client engagement strategy has led to incredible loyalty and, in many cases, a number of referrals.

  • “Bill Cates is a master speaker and interviewer! While his industry focus may be financial services, his content and expertise is universal. Bill’s own story is so inspiring; he will always be one of my most important mentors. His show is a must for all growth-minded professionals.”

All Episodes

Ep. #11 – Growing Your Business Without Prospecting with Randy Carver, CRPC®, CDFA®

In this episode, Bill Cates speaks with Randy Carver CRPC®, CDFA®, President and CEO at Carver Financial Services, Inc. about how Randy and his team have brought in 25 new relationships along with $100 million in assets over the last three months without doing any prospecting.

Ep. #10 – Adding a Target Market to An Already Successful Practice with Tiffany Charles

In this episode, Bill interviews Tiffany Charles, Chief Growth Officer of Destiny Capital and Entrepreneur Aligned, about the process that she and her partners went through to establish an entirely new target market & brand for their business without jeopardizing the traditional part of their practice.

Ep. #9 – Attract More Ideal Clients Using Reputation Marketing with Malcolm Ethridge CFP®, CRPC®

In this episode, Bill’s joined by Malcolm Ethridge CFP®, CRPC®, Executive VP & Financial Planner at CIC Wealth Management. Malcolm discusses how he’s dramatically grown his business in the last 6 months by focusing on his reputation within a very specific target market.

Ep. #8 – How to Ensure an Authentic Client Experience with Albert Fox CFP®, CIMA®

In this episode, Bill is joined by Albert Fox CFP®, CIMA®, executive director and financial advisor at Fox, Penberthy & Dehn. Al discusses how he worked to boost engagement with his clients and maintain truly authentic connections that maximize their client experience, and how he leverages those connections into introductions to more right-fit prospects.

Ep. #7 – Build a Successful Business Operating By Referral Only with Diana DeFrate CFP®, CLU® and Katriina Paavola CFP®

In this episode, Bill Cates interviews Diana DeFrate CFP®, CLU® and Katriina Paavola, CFP® – founders of DeFrate & Paavola, LLC – to learn how they’ve built a successful “by referral only” business… without asking for referrals!

In this episode, Bill Cates interviews Joe De Sena, CFP®, MBA, private wealth advisor at Siena Wealth Advisory Group, about how he uses retirement parties to create client loyalty for life and simultaneously reach new qualified prospects.

In this episode, Bill Cates is joined by Bryan Sweet CLU®, ChFC®, founder and CEO of Sweet Financial Services, to discuss how Brian uses his client onboarding program (“The 90 Day Dazzle”) to drastically increase his referrals earlier in his new-client relationships.

In this episode, Bill is joined by Peter Oldziey CFP®, of Peter A. Oldziey & Associates. Peter discusses his vision for his ideal life and business, and how he executed a business plan that created both.

In this episode, Bill is joined by Lester Matlock CFP®, CRPC®, APMA®, private wealth advisor. Lester discusses his Bucket List Campaign and how he creates a business friendship with clients, so they become his biggest advocates.

In this episode, Bill is joined by Adam Cmejla CFP®, president of Integrated Planning & Wealth Management. Adam discusses his decision to focus on a very specific target market, which has brought him to an extraordinarily high level of success.

In this episode, Bill is joined by Alanna Morey, CFP®, APMA®, private wealth advisor at Siena Wealth Advisory Group. Alanna shares her inspiring journey that took her from living in her car to becoming a financial advisor generating $1.2 million in revenue this year.

In this debut episode of The Top Advisor Podcast, client-acquisition expert Bill Cates introduces the show and gets right into practical ideas and strategies that many advisors are already using to fuel their growth.

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