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21 Ideas for People Who Hate Networking Events
December 5, 2018Posted by Bill Cates

Do you hate networking events as much as I do? Believe it or not, when I attend business events, unless I’m there to give a speech, I turn pretty shy.  Because of that, I’ve forced myself to develop some effective strategies and methods I hope you find helpful. Check out these 21 effective tips for connecting with people at networking events that even the “haters” can embrace.

10 Tips for Successful Event Networking
April 27, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

Are you a lazy event networker? Could your event networking use a kick in the kiester?

The most successful event networkers take the time to do one thing that most people don’t (that’s why they’re so successful).

They use the powerful strategy or Personalized Event Networking.

It’s simple! It’s easy! It will produce results for you!

10 Business Networking Event Hacks to Enjoy Yourself and Produce Results
March 23, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

When I tell people that I hate going to networking events, I usually hear, “What? The Referral Coach doesn’t like networking? Isn’t that blasphemy or something?”

Well… I didn’t say I hated “networking.” I truly enjoy forming relationships with lots of people in an effort to bring value to them and vice versa.

I just don’t like the event part of it. Talking to strangers and all that. I’m actually kind of shy at those things.

For the 10 things I do to produce results at networking events… READ ON!

Are You a Hunter? Farmer? Trapper?
March 9, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

During a coaching session, Daniel and I were talking sales strategies and he asked me, “Bill, when it comes to looking for new clients, are you hunter or a farmer? Do you constantly hunt (prospect) for new business or do you just farm the clients you currently have?”

I thought about this for a minute and replied, “Actually, I’m more of a trapper. I like to apply the principles of value-centered marketing so people see me as a resource and come to me to me for further assistance.”

So which strategy is best for you? Perhaps some combination of all three?

5 Ways to Increase Your Results from Networking Groups
September 22, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

Have you ever been part of a networking group where all the referrals seem to go to the gift basket lady, the printer, and the handyman who get all the referrals?

No surprise there. It’s a much easier referral to give.

In one week, I had 3 conversations with 3 financial professionals who were members of a formal networking group, but not having great results getting referrals.

What’s that all about? After all, every member is supposed to provide referrals to the other members.

Here’s a Fun Way to Meet New Prospects
February 18, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

What would it mean for your business if you could turn networking from something you hate to do into something you love to do – and you get really good at?

It would mean you’d be meeting more new prospects and centers of influence for your business. If you need to see more people to grow your business, then Networking Champions could be your solution.

Check out this guest article by Steve Perlman, LUTCF.