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The Cates Academy™ is a comprehensive online video-training system proven to boost your team’s confidence & productivity, enhance recruiting efforts, and reduce turnover.

“We are seeing tremendous results after implementing Bill Cates’ system. Referral sales are up 400% in just one year.

Jerry Baker, Vice President | Decatur, AL

Help Your Team Build a Perpetual Flow of Right-Fit Prospects by Mastering these 3 Core Strategies:



People today are bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day, making it harder than ever to connect with qualified prospects.  

In video course #1, your reps and managers will learn how to sharpen their value proposition, cut through the noise, and reach and convert more high-level clients & candidates. 


To get introductions without asking, your reps and managers must be super-referable. Video course #2 will teach everyone in your firm how to maximize all 3 phases of the client journey:  

–  Prospect Experience
–  New Client Experience, and
–  Ongoing Client Experience.


Not wanting to feel pushy, appear needy, or be rejected are the main reasons your reps and managers fail to ask for referrals. Video courses #3-#5 focus on leveraging relationships to grow their business. Your team will learn how to:  

–  Ask for referrals (the effective way)
Turn referrals into introductions
Grow a network of referral partners 

Your Cates Academy™ Membership includes a
Full year of 24/7 access to:

COURSE #1: How to Communicate Your Value to Win More Clients (Radical Relevance)

(5 Video Lessons – Approximately 5-8 min. each)

This course will show your reps how to sharpen their value propositions to cut through all the noise and barriers in the market, so they can reach & convert more high-level prospects.

COURSE #2: How to Get Referrals Without Asking (Become Super-Referable)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

There is a direct correlation between client engagement and referability. Help your team self-generate quality prospects by maximizing engagement during the 3 phases of the Client Experience: the Prospect Experience, New Client Experience, and Ongoing Client Experience.

COURSE #3: How to Ask For Referrals (Without Pushing or Begging)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

In this course, your reps will learn our proven V.I.P.S. Method so that they can be appropriately proactive and start meeting more qualified prospects that turn into clients.  

COURSE #4: How to Secure Solid Introductions (Turn Connections into Appointments)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

Referrals by themselves are worthless… you have to get introduced! This course will teach your team how to implement our go-to formula for securing personal introductions, which allows you to produce results while remaining flexible to what works best for the referral source and prospect.

COURSE #5: How to Create Referral Partners (Grow Your Network of Centers of Influence)

(4 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

Upon completion of this capstone course, your team will walk away with a proven formula for converting non-clients (including CPAs, attorneys, etc.) into productive advocates for your business.  

+ Built-in Reinforcement Resources

Role Play Demonstrations: Practice Builds Skills and Confidence

(11 Video-Based Scenarios – 30 secs to 3.5 mins each)

Bill Cates demonstrates how to promote referrals, ask for referrals, deal confidently and effectively with concerns and objections, and turn willingness to refer into high-quality introductions.

Bill’s “Referral Repair Shop”: Turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs!

(12 “Quick-Fix” Videos and Growing – 2-3 minutes each)

If your reps lose focus and get off track, these mini-lessons will give them the “jump-start” they need. Bill starts with a bit of preventative maintenance, and then provides the repair strategy to get them back on the road to more perfect-fit clients.

  • “Bill Cates makes asking for referrals as natural as breathing. Our entire firm is experiencing tremendous growth as a result of using this system.”

    Michael Schmidtz, CEO
    San Francisco, CA
  • “In my 20 years in insurance, this is the best tool I have seen in terms of getting referrals. When agents put the system into practice, they always see great results. Our managers are using the same process for recruiting.”

    Keith Lang, Director of Agency
    Clemson, SC
  • “We are very pleased with the results of the video training program. People are asking and getting more referrals than ever before. One 24-year veteran said that this is the first time she’s ever been comfortable asking for referrals. The specific language Cates provides makes all the difference.”

    Lonnie Seskin, Mgr. of Agency Training
    Fort Lauderdale, FL

What’s Included?

Your organization’s membership in The Cates Academy™ includes 1-year of unlimited 24/7 access to:

    • 5 Core Video Courses with a total of 19 High-Content Lessons 
    • Built-in Video Reinforcement (Role play demos + Bill’s Referral Repair Shop)
    • Unlimited Access to 1:1 Online Coaching from Bill Cates by using the “Talk to Bill” feature. You may be learning by yourself, but you won’t be alone! 
    • 60 Day Action Plan (Your simple roadmap through all the courses to maximize learning & results)
    • Scripts, Scripts … and More Scripts! (membership includes Bill’s popular Referral Scripts Book and more)
    • Results-Maximizing Resources (Practice templates, special reports, wordtracks, checklists & assessments)
    • Leadership Tools & Tracking to Enhance Training and Results (click here for complete details)

*** All resources are available by logging into your library via desktop, mobile browser or the Kajabi mobile app.


+ FREE BONUS for your entire team!
Rapid Fire Referrals: “The Habit Maker!” ($197 value)

  • 2 brief (but brilliant!) video lessons emailed each week for 1 year
  • Download the audio to listen anytime or anywhere
  • Print the transcript to capture the helpful word tracks
  • Establish the habits necessary to produce tangible results

PLUS – Leadership Tools to Enhance Training & Results

      • Leaders Guide and Best Practices – For Smooth Training and Reinforcement
      • 60-Day Referral Blitz Action Plan – To Guarantee Implementation and Action 
      • Roll-out Webinar Delivered by Bill Cates
      • Skills Practice / Role Play Worksheets – To Build Confidence
      • Scripts / Word Tracks / Sample Conversations – To Facilitate Understanding
      • Activity Tracking Forms – To Measure and Coach Activity for Better Results
      • Unlimited Access to Bill Cates – To Help Your Leadership Team Build Your Culture

NOTE: Larger organizations with their own intranet or LMS may be permitted to host most of these lessons on their own system. We’re happy to explore that arrangement with you.

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  • “I started using Bill’s process for recruiting new reps. It worked so well that I now make sure that all of our reps learn and apply the Cates system. Bill’s Agenda and Value Discussion strategies create confidence that turns into results.”

    Terri Garner, Recruiting Director
    Lansing, MI
  • “Bill’s referral boot camp for our advisors was one of the best training experiences in my 30 years in this business. Bill had everyone engaged. The feedback was tremendous. More importantly, my advisors are using his system to produce results. The Cates system clearly works.”

    Glenn Nolan, Managing Partner
    Houston, TX
  • “Bill Cates has revolutionized the thought patterns of our reps and allowed us to become the number one agency in our company. We use a combination of bringing in Bill’s for live sessions and his brilliant online learning platform.”

    Bruce Davison, CEO
    Wichita, KS

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