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Multiply Your Best Clients

Discover a Proven Process to Attract More Right-Fit Clients.

The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing™ is a comprehensive online video-training program that will help you generate significantly more income in less time. Work smarter, not harder!

“After going through The Cates Academy, my business grew 60% over the previous year. I’m now spending less time chasing after prospects who don’t want to hear from me, and more time doing the work I love to do.”

Mike Barratt, Financial Advisor | Des Moines, IA

Build a Perpetual Flow of Right-Fit Clients by
Mastering these 3 Core Strategies:



People today are bombarded with over 3,000 marketing messages a day, making it nearly impossible to grab their attention.  

If you’re not Radically Relevant, you’ll be ignored.

In video course #1, you will learn how to sharpen your value proposition to cut through the noise and barriers in the market, so you reach and convert more high-level clients.  


You may be surprised to learn that research shows a low correlation between client satisfaction/loyalty and giving referrals. So who does give referrals? Engaged clients!

Video course #2 will teach you how to start getting referrals without asking by maximizing engagement throughout 3 phases of the client journey:  

  • Prospect Experience
  • New Client Experience, and
  • Ongoing Client Experience.


Leveraging engaged clients takes you from incremental growth to exponential growth. The key to success is being proactive in a way that isn’t pushy or needy. 

In video courses #3 – 5, you’ll discover a proven and predictable process for asking clients and centers of influence for introductions to Right-Fit prospects, including how to:

  • Ask for referrals (the right way)
  • Turn referrals into introductions
  • Grow a network of referral partners 

Your Cates Academy™ Membership includes a
Full year of 24/7 access to:

COURSE #1: How to Communicate Your Value to Win More Clients (Radical Relevance)

(5 Video Lessons – Approximately 5-8 min. each)

This course will show you how to sharpen your value proposition to cut through all the noise and barriers in the market, so you can reach & convert more high-level clients.  

COURSE #2: How to Get Referrals Without Asking (Become Super-Referable)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

In this course, you will learn how to become super-referable by maximizing engagement throughout 3 phases of the Client Journey: the Prospect Experience, the New Client Experience (onboarding process); and the Ongoing Client Experience (client-service promise).  

COURSE #3: How to Ask For Referrals (Without Pushing or Begging)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

During this course, you will learn our proven V.I.P.S. Method for becoming appropriately proactive in asking for introductions, and start getting connected with more qualified prospects that turn into Right-Fit clients.  

COURSE #4: How to Secure Solid Introductions (Turn Connections into Appointments)

(3 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

Referrals by themselves are worthless… you have to get introduced! This course will help you implement our go-to formula for securing personal introductions, which allows you to produce results while remaining flexible to what works best for the referral source and prospect.  

COURSE #5: How to Create Referral Partners (Grow Your Network of Centers of Influence)

(4 Video Lessons – Approximately 10 min. each)

Upon completion of this capstone course, you will walk away with a proven formula for converting non-clients (including CPAs, attorneys, etc.) into productive advocates for your business.  

+ Built-in Reinforcement Resources

Role Play Demonstrations: Practice Builds Skills and Confidence

(11 Video-Based Scenarios – 30 secs to 3.5 mins each)

Bill Cates demonstrates how to promote referrals, ask for referrals, deal confidently and effectively with concerns and objections, and turn willingness to refer into high-quality introductions.

Bill’s “Referral Repair Shop”: Turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs!

(12 “Quick-Fix” Videos and Growing – 2-3 minutes each)

If you ever find yourself losing focus and getting off track, these mini-lessons will give you the “jump-start” you need. Bill starts with a bit of preventative maintenance, and then provides the repair strategy to get back on the road to more perfect-fit clients.

  • “After learning Bill Cates’ system, I doubled my income that same year. The following year I grew by another 40%. Cates’ system works. I highly recommend learning everything you can from Bill Cates.'”

    Aquiles Larra
    New York, NY
  • “Bill Cates’ process has been amazing. The key has been the confidence I’ve gained. On my very first appointment after going through your program I obtained 2 solid introductions, both of whom converted into new clients.”

    Zoe Bonet
    Houston, TX
  • “Cates’ program has had a huge impact on our business. We have acquired 5 new clients worth $10 million. The results have been remarkable. I only wish we had learned Bill’s process sooner.”

    Al Fox
    Mt. Laurel, NJ

Are you ready to grow your business … and change your life?

For only $1,495, you get a 1-year membership which includes 24/7 unlimited access to:

  • 5 Core Video Courses with a total of 19 High-Content Lessons 
  • Built-in Video Reinforcement (Role play demos + Bill’s Referral Repair Shop 
  • Unlimited Access to 1:1 Online Coaching from Bill Cates by using the “Talk to Bill” feature. You may be learning by yourself, but you won’t be alone!
  • 60 Day Action Plan (Your simple roadmap through all the courses to maximize learning & results)
  • Scripts, Scripts … and More Scripts! (membership includes Bill’s popular Referral Scripts Book and more)
  • Results-Maximizing Resources (Practice templates, special reports, wordtracks, checklists & assessments

Rapid Fire Referrals: “The Habit Maker!” ($299 value)

  • A brief (but brilliant!) video lesson emailed each week for 1 year
  • Download the audio to listen anytime or anywhere
  • Print the transcript to capture the helpful word tracks
  • Establish the habits necessary to produce tangible results

You WILL See Results … We Guarantee It!

We are certain you will find great value in the focus, coaching, teaching, support, accountability and results delivered by The Cates Academy for Relationship Marketing. However, if at any time you are not satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of your money.

What is the value of acquiring even just one new perfect-fit client for your business? Now, ask yourself this: What do you have to lose?

  • “I have been in business for 24 years and was never comfortable asking for the dreaded word: referrals. I am using Bill’s word crafting and it WORKS! I am having so much fun now.”

    Robin Wollfe
    Miami, FL
  • “Because of Cates’ system, I qualified for our Leaders Club my very first year (which was only 6 months long) and every year since. The biggest complaint amongst advisors is that they don’t have enough people to call, which I believe is their own fault. I can honestly say I probably would not have made it had I not been introduced to Bill’s program.”

    Gary Yaglenski
    Perkasie, PA
  • “Just yesterday, I used Bill’s V.I.P.S. Method and it generated over 5 referrals inside one family alone. Fast, easy business. I’m helping these people, and I’m gaining business I wouldn’t have gotten without this process.”

    Garret Williams
    Ft. Wayne, IN

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