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Client Acquisition Tips from Bill Cates

What would it mean for your business if you could turn networking from something you hate to do into something you love to do – and you get really good at?

It would mean you’d be meeting more new prospects and centers of influence for your business. If you need to see more people to grow your business, then Networking Champions could be your solution.

Check out this guest article by Steve Perlman, LUTCF.


I think you’re going to like this article I just read on Horsesmouth. Using the research and writings of Robert Cialdini, Dan Richards shows how the use of just one word might make a huge difference in how you qualify prospects and increase your ability to set appointments and covert prospects into new clients. Follow this link to the entire article:


Have you noticed that some of your clients (especially the younger ones and physicians/surgeons) introduce you to their friends and colleagues by sending them a text message?

There are 2 specific steps you want to take to make sure you create a solid connection with this new prospect – so they take your call and, ultimately, schedule an appointment.


You may be great at the work you do and you may have great relationships with most of your clients. And you may be making two critical mistakes that are keeping your clients from introducing you to others.

Mistake #1 – See how busy I am.

Mistake #2 – See how successful I am.


The Principle: When you can have fun with the referral/introductions process, everything gets easier. You feel more comfortable AND your clients feel more comfortable! More importantly – you produce significant results.

The Action: I just spoke to a group of 100 Group Benefit Advisors. After my presentation, Eric Silverman told me about a best practice that is working for his firm. This simple idea puts a smile on the face of his clients and generates referrals and introductions.


Last week, I was speaking to a group of financial professionals. Also on the program was Nick Murray – industry legend, author, and engaging speaker. Nick had some fun with all the fear people seem to have around prospecting for new business.

Then he made a statement that pretty much sums up my philosophy about prospecting. A perspective, that if everyone would adopt – not only would they not be afraid of prospecting, the whole concept of prospecting and selling would be elevated to a higher level. Would you like to know what Nick said? Keep reading…


Here’s a great piece from Julie Littlechild (President of Absolute Engagement) about why clients don’t refer you as much as you’d like. I think you might be surprised by this.


How you give referrals to trusted partners, clients, and others is important. Do it right and it triggers the law of reciprocity.

Writes Fred Diamond, co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales…

“Helping trusted associates get new business feels great. When I heard from the first two of my business associates, I was pleased. It felt nice to help out friends I respect.

“But when the third one called, I thought, okay, something interesting is happening here. I did some investigating and learned why the referrals were so successful. I always thought I was a good referral agent but now I could finally see some tangible results.”


Get Your Contact Information into Your Prospects’ Smart Phone

When you’re smart phone rings and you don’t know who it is, do you answer the call? I almost never do. And when I do, I usually regret it. On October 8, I ran a guest article from Gail Goodman titled “The NEW Do Not Call List?” Essentially, the new DNC list is not being listed in someone’s smart phone.

Getting your contact information into your client’s phone is easy enough, but what about a prospect’s phone? That’s the key. Once you get your information into a prospect’s phone, they are much more likely to answer your call. Here’s how to do that…


Growth is vital to any business, but if you want exponential growth to skyrocket your revenue referrals are key. So how do you get those referrals from your clients? Is it with high net promoter scores, by simply asking or is it something else?

Our guest today has the answers. Bill Cates is the CEO and creator of Referral Coach and he’s known as the expert on referrals! On this episode we’ll talk about the myth of customer loyalty, the biggest mistakes he sees companies make when asking for referrals and his formula for generating for personal introductions.


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