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Increase Sales with 6 Critical Elements of a Compelling Value Proposition

by Bill Cates
Increase Sales with a Compelling Value Proposition

If your prospects are not returning your message or your referrals seem to go nowhere, then perhaps you are not providing them with a compelling reason why they should respond.  If you want to increase sales, you must clearly communicate your value.

On May 23rd I’ll be hosting a complimentary webinar designed to help you develop and communicate a compelling value proposition. While there are many things to consider in developing a compelling message, today I’d like to address 6 critical elements that should be present whenever you talk about your value.

6 Elements to Increase Sales with a Compelling Value Proposition


If you want the most effective Authentic Value Proposition™ possible, then as you craft your messages to prospects and clients (email, voice mail, appointment, website, etc.), include these 6 critical elements:

  1. Concise – Learn to express your value as concisely as possible. And, yes, you can have different versions of different lengths.
  2. Clear – Free from industry jargon and complicated sentence structure. Run your answers by people who have no knowledge of your industry or products.
  3. Conversational – You’re talking to a person, not submitting an essay to your English teacher. Write more informally, while still following the basic rules of grammar (or at least most of them).
  4. Client Benefit Oriented – Try to think past features and advantages to the benefits with which your clients will identify. For instance, how long you’ve been in business is NOT a benefit.  Turning a feature into a benefit usually requires saying something like, “Which means to you…”  (Or similar phrase such as, “So therefore…”).
  5. Convey Emotion – People make the decision to work with you or refer you to others based mostly on how they feel about you – the work you’ve done and who you are as a person. Help this process by using emotional words when you can. Words such as:  safe, secure, fear, confidence, risk, dreams, mistake, turnover, profit, commitment, loyalty, and gap.
  6. Cite Examples – Specific examples of what you do, how you do it, who you do it for, etc., bring your value proposition to life; they make it real for your prospects, clients, and centers of influence. Having an inventory of examples allows you to tailor the examples you provide to your target audience.


Remember – How you talk about your value will not only help you increase sales, it teaches your clients how to talk about you as they recommend you to others.

Having a compelling value proposition is fundamental to your ability to increase sales. No compelling value = lower sales activity and lower sales revenue.



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