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Category: Get More Centers of Influence

Have you ever sent a center of influence a few referrals – maybe many referrals – but they aren’t reciprocating? What’s going on here? My first question to you is, “Are you sure you are…


Have you noticed that when it comes to getting referrals (introductions) from centers of influence (Referral Partners) that some people are naturals – and some struggle along to make this important strategy work?

Which are you? A natural? A struggler? (Is that even a word?)

This week, I want to show you what one of my clients is doing to create great results for his business. The strategy is simple and it just might fit your business.

I think it’s worth 2 minutes to check it out…


The value of a great center of influence or Referral Partner can far surpass the value of your biggest client. Are you maximizing your Referral Partners? Are you sure?

Are you making these mistakes?
• Assuming you’re referable?
• Assuming they know how to introduce you?
• Assuming they know who you serve the best?

Apply these 8 simple strategies + a bonus idea, and get ready for more introductions from high-trust sources in your community.


Getting introductions from Centers of Influence is one of the critical topics we cover in our Spring Referral Champions Training Camp. My definition of a Center of Influence is someone who may never become a client, but introduces you to qualified prospects.

Just as baseball players have reported to Spring Training – financial professionals will be reporting for our spring referral training at our April Training Camp.

Here are the 4 Bases you want to cover as you endeavor to maximize your introductions from Centers of Influence.


We’ve covered some of the benefits of Reputation Marketing and 3 attributes of a profitable target market. Now let’s focus on 3 Strategies to help you maximize your results (meaning creating a reputation that leads to new clients).

1. Position yourself as a Specialist – When you talk about your value proposition in a way that demonstrates that you’re a specialist in your target market you are more likely to catch someone’s attention. Which opening statement do you think is more likely to create interest and curiosity about your value?


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