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Author: Bill Cates

How to Talk about Referrals and Introductions in a Volatile Market
March 18, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

“Bill – I was thinking that the volatile market conditions we’re experiencing might be a great time to ask for referrals. What do you think?” That was a question posed to me in a workshop about a week ago. The answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.” As usual, “It depends.” 3 Possible Approaches to…

How to Attract Clients with Brain-Friendly Messaging
March 11, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

When writing my new book, Radical Relevance, I reviewed a number of neuroscience studies to gain some insight into how we can use what is know about the brain in our efforts to attract more Right-Fit Clients™ and move them to take action. In this and subsequent articles, I’ll show you what I learned (and…

How to Acquire More Ideal Clients (Without Adding to Your Marketing Budget)
March 4, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

In last week’s blog, How One Advisor Increased His Revenue by 50 Percent in 14 Months, I told you how Adam Cmejla created exponential growth by focusing his business on the financial lives of successful optometrists. In today’s blog, I’ll provide another real-life example of how financial advisor, Jayson Lowe, has found a way to…

How One Advisor Increased His Revenue by 50 Percent in 14 Months
February 25, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

“I’ve cut my prospecting time in half. My prospects reach out to me, most of them ready to get started.” This is what Indianapolis based financial advisor Adam Cmejla, CFP® told me in our recent interview. He continued, “In the last 14 months, I’ve increased my revenue by 50 percent.” Finding the Right Target Market…

5 Steps to Getting “Referred UP”
September 25, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

    Have you noticed that most clients seem to “refer down” on the economic ladder? This isn’t an absolute, but generally so. So, how do you increase the odds getting “referred up?” How do you make sure you only get introduced to Best-Fit Clients™? In this week’s blog, you’ll discover what my coaching clients…