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Email Introductions 2.0

by Bill Cates

In a previous blog post, I covered three effective ways to get introduced through an email. It came with a short video you might find helpful. Feel free to check it out HERE:

As I’m working with a number of advisors ( to help them make the introduction process evermore effective, we’ve learned that when the referral source states a specific reason for making the introduction, the results go up.

You’ve probably heard me call this an Electronic Handshake. This is a true introduction in the form of an email – almost as if the referral source was introducing you and the new prospect in person. “George, meet Diane.”

This is my favorite way to get introduced, especially if an in-person introduction isn’t possible or practical.

Email Introductions with a WHY

We have found that the reason the referral source gives for making the introduction can make a big difference in how the new prospect responds to the introduction – meaning – responding positively to your request for a brief phone call and beyond.

As you would expect, the better the referral source knows the prospect and the higher the trust in that relationship, the more likely you will have a relevant reason and have that reason respected by the prospect.

It’s All About the Perceived Gap

If a prospect does not perceive a gap in their situation, then they are less likely to be interested in speaking with you. Even though we know that they likely do have one or more gaps in their financial planning. If they don’t think they have a gap or they just aren’t in the mood to look at it (they have their head in the sand), then moving them to action can be difficult.

Sometimes your referral source will know the gap because they may have discussed it. Sometimes you can ask a few questions that might help the situation.

For example, ask your referral source questions such as:

  1. What made you think of him/her/them?
  2. What’s going on in his/her/their life that’s most important to them right now?
  3. Have you discussed financial matters with them in the past?
  4. How do you think they may react to you introducing me to them?
  5. What do you think you need to say to pique their interest in a conversation with me?

An Email Handshake with a WHY

George – Remember that conversation we had last month on the golf course about retiring without having to take a pay cut?

Well, I want you to meet Diane Smith.  Diane has been guiding me and Laura through her financial planning and she’s really opened our eyes to a few things we needed to put in place to protect our assets and to secure a better retirement.

Diane – Meet George Jones. George and I were roommates in college.  He’s a great guy until you get him out on the golf course.

George – I highly recommend you speak with Diane.  I’m sure it will be time well invested.

You may not always be able to get this type of introduction. Take a look at other options along with a short video right here:

I’d love to learn what’s working for you in this area or what questions you have.

Please leave a comment or asking a question below.

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