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Are You Attracting Right-Fit Clients?

by Bill Cates

This is The Business Builders Podcast – 2-minute edition. These short episodes are designed to provide you with ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can use to impact yourself and your business.

A very wise person once said this to me, “Clear intentions produce clear results  – Vague intentions produce vague results.” 

This idea can play out in any number of aspects of our business and personal life.  For example, if you only have a vague sense of who you want to attract into your business, you’ll unlikely attract who you really want. Or only hit the mark some of the time.

The most successful businesspeople I know are unrelentingly clear on who they serve the best, who they want to attract, who will take them in the direction they want to go with their business.

They have taken the time to articulate both the demographic AND psychographic characteristics of their Right Fit Clients.

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Everyone in their firm gets on the same page with who fits the business and who doesn’t.

They even teach their clients who they serve the best, so that their clients only send them Right Fit prospects.

So, when I say these words, “Clear intentions produce clear results. Vague intentions produce vague results,” what does that mean to YOU?  How can you use this concept to build your business?

In subsequent episodes of The Business Builders Podcast, I will cover a variety of beliefs, principles, strategies, and tactics to help you grow yourself and grow your business.

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