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What You Think About You Become

by Bill Cates

In 1956, Earl Nightingale released the very first motivational record entitled, “The Strangest Secret.” This record sold over one million copies. 

And “the secret?”   What you think about you become.

In 1972, a wise man said to me, “What you put your attention on grows stronger in your life.”   BOTH of these statements speak to the power of… awareness.

Awareness is a powerful concept. Our awareness allows us to see opportunities and take more effective action.  And sometimes, it’s a pain in the … (well, you know).

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For example, when I purchased my first home – about two centuries ago – I decided to put a fence in the backyard.  I did my research and installed the fence I liked.

Before this experience, I hardly ever paid attention to anyone’s fence. But for the next two years, when I looked at another home, all I saw was the fence.

For your business, one place you can tune your awareness is to the friends, family members and acquaintances in the lives of your clients. Who do they talk about? Where do they spend their time? Become curious to know others in their life.

Become AWARE of others to whom your client may be willing to introduce you. Keep the possibility of introductions lively in your awareness.

Also, if you become aware of a negative thought pattern that might be taking your energy into a negative spiral – once you have that awareness – change your thoughts. Move them to a different topic, sing a song, or in some way create a new awareness.

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Remember IDEAS are important, but only ACTION will make you more successful

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