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The 1 Thing That Has Changed Referral Marketing Forever

by Bill Cates
Digital: The New Face of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing and personal introductions have been around since the dawn of civilization. And the core principles have never changed.

  • You have to be referable – both your value and you.
  • Trust between the referral source and new prospect is paramount.
  • To maximize your results, you have to leverage that trust and be appropriately proactive.
  • A recommendation is better than word of mouth, and an introduction is even better than a recommendation.


So what has changed the face of Referral Marketing?


For many years, the “letter of introduction” was a common practice when someone traveled to another city for the purposes of doing business.


The telephone almost, but not quite, replaced the letter of introduction. And the in-person introduction still remains as the highest form of introduction.


So what is the one thing that is so significant to warrant my bold claim?


The Digital Introduction!


Email, LinkedIn, and texting are becoming the introduction of choice. In some cases, the electronic or digital introduction has made it easier for our referral sources to introduce us to others – especially when in-person introductions are hard, or impossible, to obtain.


The challenge is that many people are either underutilizing the technology or, worse, hiding behind the technology in an effort to be efficient, or “feel safe.”


What remains as the highest form of introduction? The in-person introduction. Whenever the logistics and relationships allow for one, do your best to make it happen. However, an email handshake is not a bad second option.


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