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Your Secret Weapon to Fight the NEW Do Not Call List: Your Smart Phone

by Bill Cates

Get Your Contact Information into Your Prospects’ Smart Phone

When you’re smart phone rings and you don’t know who it is, do you answer the call? I almost never do. And when I do, I usually regret it. On October 8, I ran a guest article from Gail Goodman titled “The NEW Do Not Call List?” Essentially, the new DNC list is not being listed in someone’s smart phone.


Getting your contact information into your client’s phone is easy enough, but what about a prospect’s phone? That’s the key. Once you get your information into a prospect’s phone, they are much more likely to answer your call.


It’s All in How You Get Introduced

One of the things we do at our Referral Champions Training Camp is brainstorm solutions to challenges that we encounter in turning referrals into introductions and turning introductions into new clients. Remember, even though we continue to use the word “referrals”, what we really need is “introductions.”

Step 1 – Get Your Contact Information into Your Client’s Smart Phone

Every smart phone is a little different and every carrier is a little different, but they all have a way for you to Share Contact (iPhone) or Share Name Card (Android). The iPhone also has a feature called “Air Drop” that allows you to share contact information with other iPhone users who are in the vicinity of your phone. Amazing!

With your clients (preferably in person), share your contact or name card. Let them know how you did this, so they are no equipped to do this themselves.

Step 2 – Get Your Client to Introduce You with Their Smart Phone

Now… when your client is ready to introduce you to their friend, colleague, or family member, have them do it by texting your contact information from their smart phone to the prospect’s smart phone.

Sample Text: I’m extremely happy with my financial advisor, Laura Smith. I’ve attached her contact information. Make sure you save it in your phone. I told her to call you. Take her call. It will be worth 10 minutes of your time.

When you call the prospect, your name will show on the screen and they will likely answer.   And if you have a compelling value proposition – tailored by what you learned from your referral source, you should have a pretty strong first call.

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