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2 Steps to Turn a Text Message Introduction into a Solid Connection

by Bill Cates
How to Get an Effective Text Message Introduction

Have you noticed that some of your clients (especially the younger ones and physicians/surgeons) introduce you to their friends and colleagues by sending them a text message?


There are 2 specific steps you want to take to make sure you create a solid connection with this new prospect via text message – so they take your call and, ultimately, schedule an appointment.


STEP #1: Make sure your contact information is in the smart phone of your referral source.

On January 14, I covered the important topic of making sure your contact information is stored in your referral source’s smart phone – so they can, in turn, share it with the new prospect. Read that blog post now:

Teach Your Referral Source How to Properly Introduce You via Text Message


If you want to make sure you get the best text introduction possible, then don’t leave it to chance, hoping your referral source will do it the best way.


Tell them, “Here’s what I’ve found works the best. You want to urge them to take my call or respond to my email. And you want to include my contact information for them to place in their smart phone.”


I recommend you have the following message written out that you can share with your referral source – or that you text it to them so they can copy and paste it right into their text message to the prospect.


My advisor, Bill Cates, is going to reach out to you. He’s done some great work for me, so I highly recommend you take his call or respond to his email. It will be well worth your time. I’ve attached his contact information so you can have it stored in your phone.


If you are able to text message the prospect, then you can start with that – letting them know you’ll be calling soon or alerting them to look out for your email.


Remember – Referrals are no longer enough! We need to get connected to the new prospect – so we can start bringing our value and earn the right to an appointment. The principles of referrals will never change, but the methods of introduction have certainly expanded.


Referral Coach