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Email Introduction or Email Handshake?

by Bill Cates
How to Turn an Email Introduction into an Email Handshake

You can get an email introduction – which is better than nothing. OR you can get an email handshake. What is that and how do you get one?



Here’s how I turned an email introduction into an email handshake…


I was on the phone with a colleague who said he’d introduce me to someone who would be a perfect match for the work I do. He said, “I’ll send her a message and CC you.” While that’s better than nothing, here’s what I suggested to him…


“Ray – If you don’t mind, can I share what I’ve found seems to work best? (‘Okay’) What I’d prefer is for you to think of this as if you’re introducing me in person.


Kim, I’d like you to meet Bill Cates. He works with…


Bill, I’d you to meet Kim. Kim is looking for…


Do you feel okay doing it that way? (‘Sure’) And it’s best you keep this to about four to five sentences. Shorter is better.”


He said he’d be glad to do it that way. Most of my introductions are email introductions and I’ve tested many methods. Without a doubt, this simple way works the best.



Here are two potential ideas for what your client might say about you in this short email introduction


1. What your client said about you in the Value Discussion.


2. Ask your client “What’s going on in their life (family, business, etc.) that’s most important to them?” Then tie the email introduction and/or your approach to that.


Don’t be shy about getting the best email introduction you can. Notice I used the phrase “what works the best.” Most people like to do what works the best. If they see your value and like you (want to help you), then they’ll be happy to comply.


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