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Category: Turn Referrals Into Introductions

Getting referrals and introductions without asking for them is probably the most fun way to grow your business – especially if you’re getting introduced to the right types of people. In this blog, I’ll provide…


I blew it and I knew it. I botched an introduction. I should have known better.

You might as well learn from my mistakes – right?

Here are three blunders I have personally made – the first one very recently – and the lessons I’ve learned. (Yes! Even the “Referral Coach” gets it wrong from time to time.)


3 weeks ago, I was conducting a full-day session and mentioned a recent study that demonstrated that many clients don’t like to be asked for “referrals” but actually enjoy making “introductions.”

About an hour later, I was talking about becoming more “referable” so as to obtain more referrals without asking. A gentleman in the front row politely asked, “Don’t you mean introducable?”

It appears I’m going to have to get a “Referral Swear Jar.” I can see it now. During my speeches and workshops, each time I say “referrals” I’ll have to put a quarter in the jar.


THE CHALLENGE – We know that introductions are better than referrals. But to get introduced, we need the cooperation of the referral source.

A SIMPLE SOLUTION – I was delivering one of my Exponential Growth programs to a firm with 25 reps. When we starting discussing ways of turning a client’s willingness to refer into one or more solid introductions, one of the veteran reps told us what he did.

The Reggie Bump

I’ve affectionately nicknamed this method after the rep who told me about this. You’ll get the “bump” part in a minute…


I want you to think back to your high school or university psychology class. Do you remember learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?   I always remember that the first level is physiological like: breathing, food,…


“Darn it! I forget to mention referrals with this client?” How many times have you thought that?

Remember when you were a child and your school teacher was teaching you how to cross the street with a traffic light? I think my daughter even had a song she used to sing.

Green means go. Red means stop! Yellow means be careful. Right?

Here’s a simple idea I learned from a participant on a recent webinar. He calls it “The Green Light Strategy.” See if this “lights you up!”


Have you ever met a referral prospect socially first, only to find it difficult to then schedule the business meeting?

Maybe you felt like you connected with the prospect over a meal or a round of golf, but the whole purpose of this social meeting – to gain a connection for a business conversation – fizzled away?

It’s possible you were missing the ONE KEY STRATEGY that would have made all the difference in the world. Don’t let this happen again!


You can get an email introduction – which is better than nothing. OR you can get an email handshake. What is that and how do you get one? Here’s how I turned an email introduction into an email handshake.


Word of mouth is great, but most businesses can’t count on that for the growth they desire.

And referrals are worthless! You heard me right. Referrals are worthless… unless you turn them into introductions. If you never get connected to the new prospect, it’s unlikely they’ll return your call or respond to your email.

This is where the client acquisition process often breaks down for many – actually getting connected to their new prospect.


“Hiding behind technology? What does Bill mean by that?” Email, texting, and LinkedIn are great tools to assist us in gaining introductions. I love those electronic handshakes, don’t you?

BUT as good as these tools can be in turning someone’s willingness to refer into an actionable introduction, I keep seeing so many professionals using these tools in ways that reduce their effectiveness.

I wonder. Are you making these same mistakes?

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