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Are You “Introducable”?

by Bill Cates

I don’t curse much. And when my daughter was young, I pretty much never even said, “Damn.” As she got a little older, that word did slip out from time to time. 

So my daughter bought me a Swear Jar – a piggy bank into which I was to put a quarter each time I said a “bad word.” Why am I telling you this? Stay with me…



3 weeks ago, I was conducting a full-day session and mentioned a recent study that demonstrated that many clients don’t like to be asked for “referrals” but actually enjoy making “introductions.”

About an hour later, I was talking about becoming more “referable” so as to obtain more referrals without asking. A gentleman in the front row politely asked, “Don’t you mean introducable?”

He was right. And now, it appears I’m going to have to get a “Referral Swear Jar.”  I can see it now… During my speeches and workshops, each time I say “referrals” I’ll have to put a quarter in the jar. Old habits die hard.

The truth is, referrals (25¢) are pretty much worthless. It’s just so hard to reach people these days, that we have to think in terms of “introductions.”


5 Steps to Better Introductions

In the video that accompanies this blog, I run through 5 steps that will help you turn referrals (25¢) into introductions. 

(P.S. Make sure to keep watching until the end because around the 5:44 mark I share a link to download a FREE REPORT on how to secure better e-mail introductions (“Electronic Handshakes”) 



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#1 – Be assumptive for the introduction. I don’t believe you should ever assume someone is willing to give you referrals; that’s too aggressive.


#2 – Make it collaborative. Creating the introduction should be a joint effort between you and the referral source.


#3 – Make it about protecting the relationships. We want an introduction that feels safe to all parties concerned.


#4 – Take your time. Don’t rush through this. Get a good introduction.


#5 – A referral (25¢) doesn’t count unless it’s actionable!  I can’t emphasize this point enough.  Anything short of that is wishing and hoping.


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