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Month: December 2015

Do you have a plan for following up with prospects or are you winging it? When you engage with a prospect for the first time, do you already have another 5-7 ideas for following up in mind? Or do you give up after a couple of attempts?

When you do follow up, are you just “checking in” or are you moving the prospect along toward a decision? Here are a few ideas to keep the courtship alive…


I found this blog post from Anthony Robbins inspiring. I have big goals for 2016. Do you? Perhaps you need a “Massive Action Plan.”


Are you satisfied with the percentage of new prospects who turn into appointments? If you are, then you can ignore this article. On the other hand…

The #1 reason for unsatisfactory appointment-setting ratios is: “Lack of a compelling reason for why they should meet with you now – versus later, versus never.

Crafting a compelling reason is almost always easier to do when you’re working from referrals and introductions. Let me show you how…


Go from Incremental Growth to Exponential Growth

Before we get to the 3 Strategies, let’s start with a simple formula you can use for any aspect of your business. Nothing magic here; simple and effective: Vision > Strategies > Tactics. Unfortunately, most professionals and business owners go straight to the tactics. They have a great idea and implement without much regard for the overall vision and strategy. While the idea might be sound, the results will be limited.

For the purposes of this article, let’s use this vision: In 2016 We Will Build a Culture of Growth through Personal Introductions. Can you get behind that vision? I suspect you can. Now… on to the 3 Strategies to support that.


Your Authentic Value Proposition™ (AVP) has two purposes:
1. Create interest with prospects and COI’s, and
2. Teach your clients how to talk about you to others.

Part 1 of your AVP is: “I work with _______, who want to______ and ______.” This simple formula hits on many of the criteria of an effective AVP: brief, clear, and client-benefit focused.

I recently learned a Power Phrase that you can add to Part 1 of the AVP. Keep reading to learn the phrase and how you might use it in your AVP.


I’m going to give you a pretty simple recipe to help you tweak your current actions to produce better results – be it with referrals, introductions, or whatever else at which you want to get more consistent and more effective. But first, you have to find someone to help you with this. It could be a business partner, colleague, staff member, a manager, or a friend.

Do you have someone in mind? Great! This is your Accountability Buddy. Now here’s the simple idea…


Referral Coach