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Author: Bill Cates

Are Business Cards Dead?
September 23, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

On September 3 (2020), we conducted a survey of our subscribers, asking them to share their perspective about printed business cards. Were they dead?  Dying? Still a viable tool? As you might guess, the results and comments were all over the map. Some people said that they hadn’t used a printed business card in several…

Your Perfect Formula for FAST Referrals Without Asking
August 12, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Are you getting referrals or introductions without asking for them?  You should be, you know. Your ability to generate unsolicited referrals is a barometer of your referability. While there are a number of factors that contribute to your referability, here five steps that are totally within your control. 5-Steps to Referrals Without Asking STEP 1…

7 Do’s and Don’ts for Calling Referral Prospects
June 17, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

When calling your new referral prospects, keep these do’s and don’ts in mind to increase your chances of a great first call: DON’T say “How are you today?” in your opening statement. This screams “telemarketer.” DON’T ask “Are you busy?”  Of course, they’re busy. When they say “yes” the tension mounts. Open with “I know…

Get Centers of Influence to Send Referrals to You
June 2, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Have you ever sent a center of influence a few referrals – maybe many referrals – but they aren’t reciprocating? What’s going on here? My first question to you is, “Are you sure you are referable in their eyes?  Just because you sent people their way, doesn’t mean they feel comfortable reciprocating – at least…

How to Prevent & Fix Stalled Introductions
May 13, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Has this ever happened to you? A client said they are willing to introduce you to a friend, a family member, a colleague. They said they were going to reach out to that person, yet it hasn’t happened or you’re not sure if it’s happened. How do you go back to them to make sure…