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Month: March 2019

Research has shown that it is Engaged Clients who provide referrals and make introductions.   With engaged clients, you’ve made a quality value connection and quality human connection.   The more you get to know…


Are you ready to tip-off a little Referral Marketing fun that coincides with college basketball’s March Madness?

Here are the ideas. Keep reading to get the details.

Foul #1 – Missing the super high-percentage shots

Foul #2 – Not following through

Foul #3 – Not having a strategy for breaking down the defense

Foul #4 – Not making enough assists

Foul #5 – Not valuing your cheerleaders enough


I get asked that question several times a year. The short answer is, “Don’t waste your time.” Sure, lightning strikes from time to time, but I recommend you use a letter for a different, though…


Here are 10 things you must do to increase your chances of turning prospects into clients:   Know your prospect before meeting with them. Learn a few things about your prospect from your referral source…


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