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Month: March 2017

You’ve probably heard the reports. “They” are saying, “You can’t ask for referrals” or “Stop asking for referrals.”

Allow me to quote my high school basketball coach, “Horse Manure Cates!”

Now… I do agree that we should think in terms of introductions and not simply referrals.

But that’s now what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people who keep reporting Fake Referral News like…

FAKE REFERRAL NEWS #1: “Asking for referrals doesn’t work.”

FAKE REFERRAL NEWS #2: “Your clients aren’t thinking about helping you.”

Why is this fake referral news and what should you be doing about it?


When I tell people that I hate going to networking events, I usually hear, “What? The Referral Coach doesn’t like networking? Isn’t that blasphemy or something?”

Well… I didn’t say I hated “networking.” I truly enjoy forming relationships with lots of people in an effort to bring value to them and vice versa.

I just don’t like the event part of it. Talking to strangers and all that. I’m actually kind of shy at those things.

For the 10 things I do to produce results at networking events… READ ON!


During a coaching session, Daniel and I were talking sales strategies and he asked me, “Bill, when it comes to looking for new clients, are you hunter or a farmer? Do you constantly hunt (prospect) for new business or do you just farm the clients you currently have?”

I thought about this for a minute and replied, “Actually, I’m more of a trapper. I like to apply the principles of value-centered marketing so people see me as a resource and come to me to me for further assistance.”

So which strategy is best for you? Perhaps some combination of all three?


On March 28, I’ll be hosting our next webinar on how to ask for referrals without pushing or begging. And as you might imagine, timing is everything. The when to ask for referrals is a critical piece of the puzzle.

Some people ask for referrals (introductions) much too soon in their new relationships. While others wait entirely too long to ask – if they ever ask at all. Just like Goldilocks wanted the chair, the soup, and the bed “just right” you want your timing to be just right.

There are three things to keep in mind re: the timing of when to ask…

STOP asking too soon and STOP waiting too long. Make your timing JUST RIGHT!


Referral Coach