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Month: January 2017

How productive are your centers of influence – your non clients who have the ability to provide you with strong introductions to qualified prospects?

Are you getting the quantity and quality of effective introductions that you’d like?

Getting referrals and introductions from non-clients (centers of influence or referral partners) is not always as easy as we’d like it to be.

There are 7 logical steps that if done well, will help you create multiple centers of influence providing you with solid introductions to just the right prospects.

Results are a few simple steps and quality action away. (+ Bonus Video Included)


I bet that you think 1 + 1 = 2. Not every time! I’m going to show you how bringing two powerful strategies together will produce three important benefits for you:

1. Converting More Prospects into Clients
2. Higher Client Satisfaction and Loyalty
3. More Referrals and Personal Introductions (sometimes without asking

Without question, the #1 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is The Value Discussion. The Value Discussion helps you increase prospect and client engagement. It often generates referrals on the spot and it’s the starting point of a referral conversation – at the appropriate time.

The #2 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is “foreshadowing.” Foreshadowing a conversation you intend to have later makes it easier and more effective when the time comes.

How Does 1 + 1 = 3? Keep reading. I’ll show you how.


Dealing effectively with objections or concerns can be hazardous to your sales efforts. Stay with me for a minute…   How do YOU usually react when you state an opinion about something and someone immediately…


In last weeks’ blog, I announced that I’m writing a new book. (Gulp!) One of the working titles is The Ultimate Value Proposition. While this may not end up being the final title of the book, it certainly will be the main thrust.

Being different or unique can help you grab the attention of some prospects. But “what makes you different” is NOT what makes you compelling – moving a prospect to take action. Being unique or different is NOT what will win you a new client.

Expanding on what I started last week, below are the 5 elements of a value proposition designed to win new business. This is by no means an exhaustive list, I think you’ll see that these elements are all interrelated and important.


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