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STOP Overcoming Objections (Do THIS Instead)

by Bill Cates
Are You Effectively Overcoming Objections & Concerns?

Dealing effectively with objections or concerns can be hazardous to your sales efforts. Stay with me for a minute…


How do YOU usually react when you state an opinion about something and someone immediately tries to rebut your opinion?  


You probably get just a wee bit angry inside, don’t you? “How dare you disagree or try to correct my opinion before you understand what I’m really thinking?”


Is this how YOU make your prospects and clients feel when you attempt to change their perspective about something?


5 Strategies for overcoming objections


  1. Change Your Beliefs – Objections and concerns are not rejection. If you equate objections with rejection and you hate rejection (who doesn’t?), then you’ll never be very effective in helping someone make a decision that’s in their best interest.
  2. Be Proactive Not Reactive – Do you get reoccurring objections? Bring them up yourself. “If I were in your shoes, I might be thinking…” Now you dictate the discussion on your terms.
  3. Understand the Objection – First and foremost, before you share your perspective, make sure you fully understand their perspective. Otherwise, they won’t hear a word you say and will dig their heels in even deeper.

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  1. Have a Process, Don’t Wing It – Do you have a process for how to deal effectively with concerns and objections? Do you know what to do first and where you want to end up? Winging it is rarely as effective as a solid formula. Freedom comes from structure! (Heavy thought, eh?)
  2. Set Objections Aside or Back Off with Grace – Sometimes you can set an objection aside and revisit it later – after other ideas are discussed. This will often render that objection meaningless. Sometimes you have to back off and live to discuss at a later time.


PLEASE Leave a Comment About Your Strategies for overcoming objections or concerns


I’m extremely interested in hearing from you – your reaction to this article; with what you agree and/or disagree. Let’s have a robust discussion, shall we?



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