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2 Powerful Strategies to Create Client Loyalty and More Introductions

by Bill Cates
How to Drive Client Loyalty by Foreshadowing the Value Discussion

I bet that you think 1 + 1 = 2. Not every time! I’m going to show you how bringing two powerful strategies together will produce three important benefits for you: 1) Converting more prospects into clients. 2) Higher client satisfaction and client loyalty. And 3) More referrals and personal introductions (sometimes without asking).

The 2 Most Important Strategies for Driving Client Loyalty and Engagement

Without question, the #1 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is The Value Discussion. The Value Discussion helps you increase prospect and client loyalty and engagement. It often generates referrals on the spot and it’s the starting point of a referral conversation – at the appropriate time.

The #2 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is “foreshadowing.” Foreshadowing a conversation you intend to have later makes it easier and more effective when the time comes. For another example of foreshadowing, check out my Blog from August 25, 2016 – A Sales Question that Moves Procrastinating Prospects to Action.

So, How Does 1 + 1 = 3?

If you’re not yet familiar with my system – The Value Discussion is something we want to do on a pretty regular basis with both prospects and clients. Part 1 of the Value Discussion is to check in for any problems, dropped balls, or unmet expectations (no matter how small) to ensure they’re all “cleaned up.” Part 2 is to see what’s working –  what they value in your process, communication, or overall working relationship.

Foreshadow the Value Discussion

Here’s a possible word track to give you a sense of how you might employ this idea with a prospective client or new client (and with some adjustments for a long-time client):

George – I think you’d agree that given the nature of the work we do, it would be important for us to have good, candid, forthcoming communication at all times. (I sure do.)


Great – So one thing you can expect from us is that we’ll check in with you on a regular basis to make sure our communication and overall working relationship is right on track. Of course, if something isn’t meeting your expectations, we certainly want to know that. And, likewise, we always like to learn what is working for you. How does that sound?

Here’s what this simple and quick conversation does:

  1. You demonstrate very early in a new relationship that you care about meeting their expectations and creating a great flow of communication.
  2. You demonstrate that you’ll be there for them if anything isn’t working. You don’t get defensive or run away from problems.
  3. This deepens your prospects’ or clients’ sense of engagement with your value and with you as a person. This, in turn, helps maximize client loyalty and makes you more referable.
  4. Your clients are now aware that this Value Discussion will be happening from time to time so they will be ready for it. You won’t be putting them on the spot.
  5. On occasion, this can spark a referral conversation write on the spot. That increased sense of engagement with you often triggers a possible referral.

Your Action Steps

  1. Write this out in your own words – in a way that feels genuine and natural to you.
  2. Practice this a few times with a colleague, friend, or while driving so you’ll be able to deliver it with authenticity and confidence.

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