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Month: August 2016

You got connected with a prospect. Yay! You even had a phone call or in-person meeting with them. Double Yay! Then what? Crickets! They stop returning your phone calls. What happened?

You probably didn’t create a compelling reason to take action now.

Have you ever asked a prospective client, “What is the cost (or risk) of not addressing this issue?”


“How should I reward people for giving me referrals?” A common question… without one perfectly right answer. Is a Rolex too much? Yes! What about a gift card to Starbucks? Probably!

In some industries – like financial services – you could easily get in trouble if you “thank” or “reward” for referrals and introductions in the wrong way.

Beyond a handwritten thankyou note (which should be the bare minimum), what’s the right strategy for you? Join me inside our blog and I’ll give you some ideas.


Have you noticed that when it comes to getting referrals (introductions) from centers of influence (Referral Partners) that some people are naturals – and some struggle along to make this important strategy work?

Which are you? A natural? A struggler? (Is that even a word?)

This week, I want to show you what one of my clients is doing to create great results for his business. The strategy is simple and it just might fit your business.

I think it’s worth 2 minutes to check it out…


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