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Tag: Client Engagement

3 Step Approach to Understand and Communicate Your Complete Value
July 22, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

If you want to attract more Right-Fit Clients™ you need to deliver remarkable value. Value that gets your clients talking about you to others. Value that is worthy of remark. When I interview top producing advisors, they tell me that they are always looking for ways to increase their value to their clients; it’s a…

10 Keys to Referrals & Introductions without Asking
July 13, 2020Posted by Bill Cates

Getting referrals and introductions without asking for them is probably the most fun way to grow your business – especially if you’re getting introduced to the right types of people. In this blog, I’ll provide you with the 10 keys to getting unsolicited referrals. Some of these keys can be broken down into 3 main…

Guest Blog: “Six Steps to Becoming a Magnet for Exactly the Right Clients”
October 16, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

I recently read this excellent article written by Julie Littlechild, founder of Julie’s perspective and rich list of action items will help you make an immediate on your business. It’s an absolute must-read for advisors and financial professionals, so check it out…

2 Powerful Strategies to Create Client Loyalty and More Introductions
January 19, 2017Posted by Bill Cates

I bet that you think 1 + 1 = 2. Not every time! I’m going to show you how bringing two powerful strategies together will produce three important benefits for you:

1. Converting More Prospects into Clients
2. Higher Client Satisfaction and Loyalty
3. More Referrals and Personal Introductions (sometimes without asking

Without question, the #1 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is The Value Discussion. The Value Discussion helps you increase prospect and client engagement. It often generates referrals on the spot and it’s the starting point of a referral conversation – at the appropriate time.

The #2 Most Important Strategy I’ve been using and teaching for 25 years is “foreshadowing.” Foreshadowing a conversation you intend to have later makes it easier and more effective when the time comes.

How Does 1 + 1 = 3? Keep reading. I’ll show you how.

Here’s How to Ask for Referrals More Effectively
November 28, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

The 4 most prevalent mistakes I see in asking for referrals are:

1. Thinking you’re more referable than you really are.

2. Merely promoting referrals – not really asking for specific introductions to specific people or brainstorming various categories.

3. Not creating an environment of “brainstorming” or “exploration” – no pressure and no right or wrong suggestions.

4. Not coming prepared to suggest specific people or categories.

Check out the situation presented to me by one of our readers. Check out my answer. Then tell me what you would do. (Seriously – I’d love your comments.)

Cates’ 2016 Guide to Client Gifts for the Holidays & Beyond
November 10, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

Sending reasonable priced gifts to your clients – at least your ‘A’ clients – and your referral sources creates great “engagement.” And it’s “engaged” clients who give referrals.

So what’s your plan for this year?

One of the best gifts I ever sent to our clients is when my daughter was selling Girl Scout cookies. I sent out 144 boxes of Thin Mints. My clients loved it and my daughter led her troop in cookie sales that year.

By the way – if it has your logo on it – it’s probably not a gift… its promotion! There are exceptions to that rule, however.