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Structure Provides Flexibility and Yields Success

by Bill Cates

You might be wondering what Jazz has to do with your business.

I used to be a professional musician, a drummer to be exact. As a drummer, my “feel” was for rock and roll. With that said, I’ve always admired great jazz drummers.

When people think of jazz, they often think of the free-form solos taken by the saxophone or piano player. Sometimes, you may have multiple instruments taking a “solo” at the same time. To the untrained ear, it may appear as musical chaos.

HOWEVER (it’s a big however), there is a clear structure operating here. Typically, you can hear the bass and drums sticking to the structure. But, even the soloists are following that structure.

I won’t get into the explanation of the structure – the chords, rhythm, time signature, melody, etc. that are still operating in the background.

Here’s the Point

Structure creates freedom. Structure allows for the flexibility. In business terms, structure creates flexibility and choices. Certain structures are the foundation for your success.

Allow me to illustrate by getting granular with a specific example, i.e., asking for introductions using our V.I.P.S. Method™.

I teach and coach advisors to imagine a real client is in front of them and, in a very conversational way, type out how they might implement the V.I.P.S. Method. I encourage them to make it as realistic as possible.

After that, I ask them to read it out loud and then tighten it up as needed.

From there, they have two choices:

    1. Memorize the script as best they can, or
    2. Create bullet points they can refer to, to remember their main points.

Once this is done, and with a little bit of practice, the advisor now has the ability to improvise as needed based on the context.

You don’t want to wing it every time you approach someone for introductions, or express your value proposition, or anything else you’re trying to communicate to clients and prospects. You want just enough structure in place to ensure you express yourself clearly and effectively.

Processes, Checklists, and Systems

I teach a lot of processes that are designed to make an advisor more referable, to promote introductions, to ask for introductions, to create an effective introduction, to communicate their value, and communicate what makes them different.

You have processes, checklists, and systems in your business that help you acquire new clients, onboard your new clients, and deliver great value and create great experiences.

You want your team to respect your processes, checklists, and systems. When these are not respected, things often breakdown. Instead of musical chaos, you have underserved clients – maybe fewer clients.

To Create Results, Start with Sound Structure

Just about anything you want to create for your business gets started with a sound foundation, a process or checklist to make sure you maintain a consistent level of quality activity.

If you are NOT achieving a result in a particular part of your business, think about what process needs to be put in place. What process, if followed consistently well, is likely to produce the result you want?

If it has to do with acquiring new clients, feel free to come to me. I’d love to see if I can help.

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