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Cold Calling Tips | #1: Don’t Cold Call

by Bill Cates
Cold Calling Tips of Death

Did you know that that there are some people who actually like making cold calls and are always searching for cold calling tips?

If you do a search on the internet to see if Cold Calling is dead or alive, you’ll get mixed messages.  Some people teach Cold Calling Tips, How to Cold Call, Cold Calling Techniques and Turn Cold Calling into Smart Calls.

On other hand, one guy wrote, “You could poke me in the eye with a sharp stick before I’d make another cold call.”

Check this out… Andrea Meachan Rosal, Chief Content Officer of and John Doerr, Principal of the Wellesley Hills Group – reporting the conclusions of a study that:  “Cold calling is second only to referrals as the number one lead generation tactic.”

I should rest my case here.  But that wouldn’t be any fun.


5 Reasons Why Cold Calling Should Die a Fast Death

  1. Prospects hate to be cold called by someone they don’t know who knows almost nothing about them, their situation, or their business – and is probably reading from a cold calling script written by someone who used to cold call 20 years ago.
  2. Salespeople hate making cold calls. They are hard wired to reject and avoid cold calling techniques.
  3. No one answers their phone any more.  When your mobile phone rings and no name shows up or you don’t recognize the number, do you pick up the phone?  I certainly don’t.  I wait to see if they leave a message.  I have a home phone (we’re a dying breed I think), because I always want to have a wired phone line in case the power goes out, I don’t have a good cell signal, or in an emergency the networks are jammed.  Plus, I love that black rotary dial phone hanging on my wall.
  4. People don’t return phone calls from stranger.  Not only that.  Studies have shown that a majority of people don’t even retrieve the voice mail messages that have been left for them!
  5. Almost no top producers make cold calls.


Look… I think that anyone should always be willing to hop on the phone to try to connect with a prospect for whom you believe you can bring real value.

I think we can apply the Spandex Rule to cold calling tips.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


Save Your Cold Calling Tips for the Pizza Delivery Guy


Instead of Cold Calling Tips, Focus on Referrals and Personal Introductions

The good news is this… If you can maximize your word of mouth, referrals, and introductions, you may never have to looks for cold calling tips again.  And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?!

I really want to hear from you on this!   Do you ever make cold calls?  Do you ever make well-researched B2B cold calls?   What are your results?  Talk to me!

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