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Category: Turn Referrals Into Introductions

I think you’re going to like this article I just read on Horsesmouth. Using the research and writings of Robert Cialdini, Dan Richards shows how the use of just one word might make a huge difference in how you qualify prospects and increase your ability to set appointments and covert prospects into new clients. Follow this link to the entire article:


Have you noticed that some of your clients (especially the younger ones and physicians/surgeons) introduce you to their friends and colleagues by sending them a text message?

There are 2 specific steps you want to take to make sure you create a solid connection with this new prospect – so they take your call and, ultimately, schedule an appointment.


Get Your Contact Information into Your Prospects’ Smart Phone

When you’re smart phone rings and you don’t know who it is, do you answer the call? I almost never do. And when I do, I usually regret it. On October 8, I ran a guest article from Gail Goodman titled “The NEW Do Not Call List?” Essentially, the new DNC list is not being listed in someone’s smart phone.

Getting your contact information into your client’s phone is easy enough, but what about a prospect’s phone? That’s the key. Once you get your information into a prospect’s phone, they are much more likely to answer your call. Here’s how to do that…

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