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Use the Power of the Sneak Peek!

by Bill Cates

In our latest podcast (Episode #45), we shared a case study of how a successful firm overhauled it’s marketing approach – directed by Stephen Beach (Craft Impact). One strategy that has significantly increased their conversions from prospect to client is offering a sample financial plan to their website visitors.

This strategy not only helps this firm build trust and engagement, but it also leverages the powerful psychological concept of cognitive fluency.

Cognitive Fluency: What Is It?

Cognitive fluency refers to the ease with which information is processed. When information is presented in a clear and accessible manner, it’s more likely to be understood and positively received. By offering a sample financial plan, you tap into this fundamental psychological principle. To any prospect who has never done a financial plan, it’s a very intangible concept. Being able to review an example of this plan, makes the process tangible. One of the many benefits of working with you gets clearer, trust is established faster, and your prospects are more likely to take the next step.

The Benefits of Cognitive Fluency Through a Sample Plan:

  • Clarity Builds Trust – A sample plan simplifies complex financial strategies (enhancing cognitive fluency) and thereby fostering trust.

  • Showcases Expertise – By bringing the intangible to life, prospects begin to experience the benefits of having their own plan.

  • Differentiates Your Services – We have seen very few firms offer sample plans.

  • Uniqueness in Presentation – Standing out isn’t just about what you offer, but how you offer it. A sample plan that’s easy to grasp reflects on your ability to make complex financial concepts accessible.

  • Aligning Expectations – Cognitive fluency is engaged when your prospects and clients have a clear sense of what to expect in working with you.

  • Facilitating Conversation  A well-designed sample plan can become a focal point of your initial meetings, will foster more meaningful dialogue, and increase your conversion rate of prospects to clients.

Offering a sample financial plan isn’t just about providing a sneak peek into your services. It’s about enhancing the prospect’s experience and making complex or intangible financial strategies more approachable and engaging.


On Your Website – The firm featured in this podcast case study offers a sample financial plan on their website in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address (known as a lead magnet).

Pre-Meeting Material You can also include a relevant sample in your pre-meeting package, tailoring it to the prospect’s known needs or interests.


  • Ensure that the sample is clear and cannot be misinterpreted as a full-fledged plan.
  • Design the sample in a way that represents the range of your ideal clients.

In an industry where trust and clarity are paramount, leveraging cognitive fluency through a well-crafted sample plan can set you apart as an advisor who not only understands the numbers but also the human psyche.

The result is a more engaged prospect, more productive conversations, and a unique positioning in a competitive market. It’s a strategy that not only looks to the future of financial planning but understands the way people think, feel, and engage with that future.

Embrace the power of cognitive fluency. Provide that glimpse into a future where financial planning is not a maze but a clear, inviting path. It could be the innovative approach that transforms your client engagement and sets you apart from many other firms.

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