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Forget About Having a Unique Value Proposition

by Bill Cates
Unique Value Proposition? Not your end game.

Marketing experts are always talking about how we must have a Unique Value Proposition, or Unique Selling Proposition, look different in the marketplace, and accentuate what makes us distinct.


Indeed, sometimes we need to define and accentuate our differentiation to catch the attention of our prospects and others who are important to our business.


But differentiation, distinction or uniqueness isn’t the end game.


The end game is moving someone to take action… to respond to our email or voice mail… to grant us an appointment (phone or in person)… to do business with us… and to follow our recommendations.


Every part of your unique value proposition should be built for two purposes, which continually work together:


  1. Relevance – What makes you different isn’t worth a hill of beans if it isn’t relevant to your potential clients. How many times have you had someone tell you about their product or service, but they never took the time to find out if what they offered was even relevant to you?  At the very least, you should make an attempt to learn about your prospect’s world, and then tailor how you communicate your value based on that information. Have you ever been guilty of just talking about your value before getting to know the receiver of that message?
  2. Compelling – In this context, compelling means move to action. We cannot move someone to action until our message is relevant to them. Then, we must continue to talk about our value in a way that results in action; otherwise we’re sounding good, but getting nothing accomplished.



Relevance is a Two-Way Street

How we talk about our value should be designed to attract the right prospects into our world and repel the wrong prospects at the same time.


When you craft the various parts of your unique value proposition, don’t be afraid to narrow your message to the extent that how you talk about your value carefully qualifies those that you want to do business with, and disqualifies those who don’t fit. Let someone else serve the prospects and clients who don’t fit.


Unique Value Proposition and Referrals


How we craft a relevant and compelling value proposition is inextricably linked to our ability to meet more new, qualified prospects through referrals and personal introductions. I am not changing my brand or emphasis on referrals and introductions. I’m merely adding to all the elements that come into play.


This is Only the Beginning


Stay tuned for more ideas, strategies, and tactics for how you can craft the most compelling and unique value proposition possible. I want to help you bring your great value to more clients and make more money at the same time — two noble goals that go hand in hand.


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