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Targeting a Niche Market | Reputation Marketing (1 of 3)

by Bill Cates
Targeting a Niche Market

You probably already have a sense of how targeting a niche market can get you better results, particularly as it pertains to reputation marketing. But perhaps you’ve never fully bought into the idea. Many people operate under the mistaken belief that, “If I just focus on this target market, I’ll miss all this other opportunity.”

Well, the truth is you might forego some opportunity, but your success in your niche market will be so great that you’ll never miss it. Below are several reasons why you want to consider narrowing your focus.

7 Reasons Why Focusing on a Niche Market Amplifies Your Reputation Marketing Results


  1. You bring more perceived value as a specialist in a target market than a generalist, therefore, you look more attractive to prospects from the get go.
  1. You bring more real value when you target a niche, so you become more referable with clients quickly – and over time.
  1. It’s easier to identify your universe of qualified prospects.
  1. It’s easier to create a reputation in a target market than if you have a shotgun approach to marketing.
  1. Your request for introductions is more natural and easier for your clients.
  1. LinkedIn becomes a tremendous resource to help you identify people to whom your clients can recommend you.
  1. As your reputation increases, as well as your referrals, your revenues increase while your marketing expenses decrease at the same time.


Without question, reputation marketing is the fastest way to acquire and keep top-level clients, which leads to a more profitable business.


Coming next week – Part 2 of this series on Reputation Marketing. Don’t miss it!

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