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Stop the MADNESS! Are You Making These 5 Referral Marketing Mistakes?
March 18, 2019Posted by Bill Cates

Are you ready to tip-off a little Referral Marketing fun that coincides with college basketball’s March Madness?

Here are the ideas. Keep reading to get the details.

Foul #1 – Missing the super high-percentage shots

Foul #2 – Not following through

Foul #3 – Not having a strategy for breaking down the defense

Foul #4 – Not making enough assists

Foul #5 – Not valuing your cheerleaders enough

The 1 Thing That Has Changed Referral Marketing Forever
October 6, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

For many years, the “letter of introduction” was a common practice when someone traveled to another city for the purposes of doing business.

The telephone almost, but not quite, replaced the letter of introduction. And the in-person introduction still remains as the highest form of introduction.

So what is the one thing that is so significant to warrant my bold claim?

The Digital Introduction!

Email, LinkedIn, and Texting are becoming the introduction of choice. But are they the most effective?

Think Word of Mouth Marketing is Enough? Think Again!
September 1, 2016Posted by Bill Cates

I want you to think back to your high school or university psychology class. Do you remember learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?   I always remember that the first level is physiological like: breathing, food, water, sleep, etc.   After that my memory is fuzzy. I’m thinking beer, pizza, and Monday Night Football – but…