What Makes You Different?

Your Secret Weapons to Differentiation in a Look-A-Like Marketplace

If someone asked you, “What makes you different?” Do you have an immediate, succinct, and confident answer? Do you struggle to answer that question from high-level prospects and centers of influence? No longer! The answer is simple and right in front of you. How you articulate what makes you different will bring you confidence and will spark the interest and trust of your new prospects.


It’s time for you to discover:

  • The critical questions every prospect wants to know the answer to.
  • How to recognize and communicate your differences without sounding trite or canned.
  • Your secret weapon to differentiation; that only YOU have!
  • How to employ your secret weapon at the right time to spark interest.

“Your success depends upon you separating yourself from a crowded marketplace.”


More important now than ever before!

In this world of information overload, your ability to differentiate yourself and communicate your value is more important now than ever before. When you are able to articulate your differentiation, you can attract and sparks the interest of prospects who would have otherwise been oblivious. It also teaches clients/customers how to recommend and introduce you to others.

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