Go Beyond Referrals – Create Introductions & Appointments

Get Solid Connections to Prospects and Set Appointments that Stick

Getting referrals – as important as it is – is only half the job. You also have to convert the referral into an introduction and then have that introduction result in an appointment. However, most people don’t fully leverage the power of the referral to create an introduction that actually piques the interest of the prospect – so that your emails or voice messages get returned.


In this session, you will:

  • Discover how to turn a referral into an introduction that’s easy for your client to make.
  • Gain tips to make sure your introductions don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Discover how to use Social Event Marketing to meet high-level prospects in the best of circumstances.
  • Learn proven strategies for calling referral prospects to secure appointments.
  • Gain more confidence with the entire referral process, so no prospect goes to waste.
  • Go all the way with referrals – not just word of mouth, but appointments.
  • Grow a thriving referral-based business with new habits that will serve you for the life-time of your career!

Getting referrals is only half the job!

In this crazy-busy world of information overload, we need a solid introduction to cut through the noise and grab the prospect’s interest. Getting the introduction is where the process often breaks down. The client’s willingness to recommend never turns into actual connections. The answer is having a proven process.

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Sales Professionals | Advisors & Consultants| Business Owners | Sales Managers/Leaders

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