Approach Clients for Referrals without Pushing or Begging

Yes! It’s Possible to Ask for Referrals in a Way that Actually Feels Natural

The fastest way to build your business is with introductions to high-value clients. Why? Because that’s how people want to meet you! You work hard to create satisfied clients. Now it’s time to “leverage” those great relationships – for introductions to their friends, family members, and colleagues. This unique program will teach you how to tap into the goldmine of your satisfied and loyal clients and create a steady supply of new, high-level clients.


Client-acquisition expert Bill Cates will show you how to:

  • Develop a Referral Brain, so you see the opportunities for referrals and introductions you’ve been missing.
  • Use the acclaimed VIPS Method for Asking for Introductions™
  • Talk to your clients about referrals and introductions without pushing or begging.
  • Deal with referral concerns or reluctance in a way that actually makes the relationship stronger.
  • Increase your confidence with the referral process.
If you haven’t fully mastered the introductions process, then you’re restricting your growth! This dynamic session, based on 20 years of research and teaching proven strategies and methods will have an immediate impact on your business!

What stops people from asking for referrals and personal introductions?

In three words… lack of confidence. In one word… fear! The VIPS Method™ builds confidence and produces results. Yes! There IS a way to ask for referrals and introductions in a way that will never, ever… ever result in a client feeling uncomfortable.

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