The Customer Loyalty Myth

Discover the Missing Link to Leveraging Client Satisfaction and Loyalty into Exponential Growth

The Customer Loyalty Myth is the belief that your business can grow at the pace you desire simply by creating great customer/ client experiences, total customer/ client satisfaction, and unwavering loyalty. While these are critical components for any successful business, they usually only results in incremental growth. The Missing Link is leverage. Leveraging all your hard work into specific referrals, and introductions. Turning your customers willingness to recommend you into tangible connections will create exponential growth.


Drawing from Bill Cates’ acclaimed Referral Advantage Marketing System™
you will discover how to:

  • Why satisfied and loyal clients aren’t enough to create exponential growth.
  • Success stories from companies who are increasing their revenues while decreasing their marketing budgets at the same time by going beyond satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The power of cultivating Engaged Clients
  • 3 critical strategies that create Engaged Clients
  • The role of every member of an organization in creating engagement and leverage.

Turn satisfaction and loyalty to leverage!

Are satisfaction and loyalty still important? Of course? But satisfaction and loyalty usually only lead to incremental growth. For exponential growth, you want a culture and systems to create customer leverage. Customer leverage will grow your revenue without increasing marketing expenses.

appropriate for

Appropriate For

C-Suite | Leaders & Managers | Business Owners | Advisors & Consultants

suggested time frame

Suggested Time Frame

Usually 45-60 minutes. Can be coupled with a breakout session to go deeper into strategies presented.

suggested reinforcement program

Suggested Reinforcement Program

Rapid Fire Referrals | Referral Coach Academy | Top-Producer Coaching

“If the ultimate question is whether your clients or customers are willing to recommend you. Then the super-ultimate question is are they doing it? Are you making it happen?”

“Bill Cates’ presentation exceeded our expectations. I’m getting great feedback from the attendees. He was funny. He was motivational. We will definitely have him back!”

bill-cates-testimonial-lisa-mullerLisa Muller
Meeting Planner

“Great presentation. Bill Cates really got me thinking about my business in new ways. He made a lot of sense. I can’t wait to put his recommendations to work.”

bill-cates-testimonial-les-pickerLes Picker
Business Owner

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