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Speaking Skills to Win More Business

Speaking in front of a group of prospects can be an ideal way to gain creditability and a foot in the door. Are you winging it when it comes to speaking in front of groups – relying on your “natural ability?” Or, have you finely tuned your skills so that your audience connects with both your value and with you? Are you authentic and natural or are you stiff and a little bit distant? Bill Cates was inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010. It would be hard to find someone more qualified to teach the skill and art of impactful presentations. Are you ready to win more business?


In this innovative look at business growth, your audience will discover:

  • The best way to open your presentation that pulls your audience in.
  • How to get the audience to connect with you so they don’t stop listening until you’re done talking.
  • The right ways and wrong ways to use humor.
  • How to use audience interaction when appropriate.
  • The power of Power Point – but only if done correctly.
  • Your secret weapon to helping them see how your solution fits their situation.
  • How to create a compelling call to action that fits a group setting and results in action.
  • Ideas to follow up with your audience members to keep the conversation going.

Don’t wing it with this powerful strategy to gain credibility and win more business!

While there are many factors that go into a quality presentation, above all is Audience Engagement. I think it’s fair to call this “the secret sauce” for a successful presentation. It’s an overlooked strategy that causes too many missed opportunities.

appropriate for

Appropriate For

Sales Professionals | Advisors & Consultants | Business Owners | Sales Managers/Leaders

suggested time frame

Suggested Time Frame

Usually 45-60 minutes. Can be coupled with a breakout session to go deeper into strategies presented.

suggested reinforcement program

Suggested Reinforcement Program

Rapid Fire Referrals | Referral Coach Academy | Top-Producer Coaching

“Speaking in front of a group will allow your prospects to engage in both you as a person and your value proposition.”

“Bill Cates’ presentation to our field force was fantastic. He was engaging, humorous, and his content really hit home for us. Even our ‘toughest veterans’ were impressed with his message and his style. And we’re already hearing of great results.”

bill-cates-testimonial-dorsey-sandraSandra Dorsey
Assistant Vice President & Meeting Chair

“I recommended Bill Cates for this convention. The client came up to me and said, ‘Bill was the highlight of the entire week.”

bill-cates-testimonial-randy-ritchieRandy Richie
Event Production Planner

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