Are You Playing to Win?

Closing the Gap between Where You Are and Where You’d Like to Be

The most successful at their job do what the less successful are unwilling to do. Success in every endeavor, therefore, boils down to confidence. In the absence of confidence is what? Fear? Doubt? Certainly inaction.

Bill doesn’t believe in helping people take their performance to “the next level” unless they are clear on what that next level is. Clear intentions produce clear results. Vague intentions produce vague results.


Help your people reach their peak performance potential by discovering

  • 3 strategies to create a crystal clear vision of what your “next level” looks like.
  • A surefire method to discovering your blind spots, limiting beliefs, and mistaken assumptions that sabotage you reaching your full potential.
  • How to create an Action Plan that you’ll actually follow.
  • The incredible power of Inspirational Accountability™.
  • How to enroll others in helping you achieve your goals.

Playing to win? Or Playing not to lose?

This session is about creating awareness, examining blind spots, and then taking confident and persistent action to produce results; doing whatever it takes to achieve and maintain peak performance in all aspects of life.

appropriate for

Appropriate For

Sales Professionals | Advisors & Consultants | Business Owners | Sales Managers/Leaders

suggested time frame

Suggested Time Frame

Usually 45-60 minutes. Can be coupled with a breakout session to go deeper into strategies presented.

suggested reinforcement program

Suggested Reinforcement Program

Rapid Fire Referrals | Referral Coach Academy | Top-Producer Coaching

“Have you made the unconscious decision to limit your success,
by focusing on pleasurable methods rather than pleasurable results?”

“Your keynote was the perfect mix of high-level content, humor, energy, and motivation. Our members went from laughing, to taking notes, to laughing again.”

bill-cates-testimonial-bonnie-godsmanBonnie Godsman
Senior Director

“The feedback for your presentation was exceptional. The topic of referrals is a prized topic that constantly frustrates our members. You delivered a very important message that was very well received.”

bill-cates-testimonial-bryan-beattyBryan Beatty
Director of Business Development

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