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RULE #6: Differentiation for Differentiation’s Sake is Worthless.

by Bill Cates
Radical Relevance Rule #6: Differentiation for differentiation's sake is worthless.

In my book Radical Relevance, I lay out The 17 Rules of Radical Relevance. I will be recording short videos for each one of these rules. They will be quick and easy for you to consume, and extremely valuable to your business (I promise). To check out all 17 Rules of Radical Relevance, click here

RADICAL RELEVANCE RULE #6: Differentiation for differentiation’s sake is worthless.

In Rule #5, we talked about why only differences that matter, matter  – meaning that the difference has to be relevant and valuable to your prospect. Now, in rule #6, differentiation has to be translated to a benefit.

When we talk about what makes us different, we have to make sure that we translate it into a benefit that our prospects will understand. We can’t assume that they’ll see the benefit on their own; we need to make it obvious to them.

For instance, I was working with a bank in New England, and one of their unique selling propositions was the fact they’d been in business for 127 years.

Well, so what? Does that 127 years of business mean that they’re old and stodgy? Does it meant they aren’t up to date with new technology or relevant to a younger generation?

Or, does it mean they’re stable and solid and not going anywhere?

We don’t know, unless they translate their point of differentiation into a direct and obvious benefit to the client.

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Whenever talking about what makes you different in the marketplace, always find yourself using expressions like:

“So, what that means to you…”, or

“What that looks like for you,” or

“How you will benefit from that is this…”

Always translate your differentiation into a direct benefit to the client.

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