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RULE #5: Only Differences that Matter, Matter.

by Bill Cates
Radical Relevance Rule #5: Only differences that matter, matter.

In my book Radical Relevance, I lay out The 17 Rules of Radical Relevance. I will be recording short videos for each one of these rules. They will be quick and easy for you to consume, and extremely valuable to your business (I promise). To check out all 17 Rules of Radical Relevance, click here

RADICAL RELEVANCE RULE #5: Only differences that matter, matter.

What do I mean by this?

So many people are thinking about what makes them different in a marketplace — so they can stand out, so they can grab someone’s attention. And there’s nothing wrong with doing that. That’s important. But, the problem is, a lot of professionals and businesses are creating differentiation around things that are of no particular value to their prospects.

I see so many professionals building their website around a hobby or a special interest such as fishing, hunting, horseback riding – their favorite color, whatever.

And look, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with creating that personal connection, but it doesn’t necessarily mean those benefits will actually matter to your prospect.

Superficial differences might attract attention, but if there isn’t an immediately recognizable tangible value associated with that difference, your differentiation will not accomplish your goal of acquiring more clients.

Prefer to watch than read? Check out the video below.

Take Russ Thornton, for example. Russ is a financial advisor in Richmond, Virginia. And his business is WealthCare For Women. If you take a look at his website,, his differentiation will be immediately clear – he focuses on women in financial transition.

The language on his website, his LinkedIn profile, and everything he does to reach out to new prospects, is totally relevant to his target market. 

So, remember, only differences that matter – actually matter.

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