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RULE #4: Meet Your Prospects Where They Are

by Bill Cates
Radical Relevance Rule #4: Meet Your Prospects Where They Are.

In my book Radical Relevance, I lay out The 17 Rules of Radical Relevance. I will be recording short videos for each one of these rules. They will be quick and easy for you to consume, and extremely valuable to your business (I promise). To check out all 17 Rules of Radical Relevance, click here

RADICAL RELEVANCE RULE #4: Meet Your Prospects Where They Are.

Before talking about the journey of transformation that you will create for your clients, first find out where they actually are in that journey.

What do I mean by this?

It’s all about context. Being relevant all comes down to knowing who you’re reaching out to, before making contact.

Have you ever had someone reach out to you and try to solicit your business with a generic message, not really knowing who you are, or what you do? 

This happens to me all the time. I was talking to someone recently. She just launched into her pitch, assuming she could help me. She had no clue who I really was, or what my situation looked like. So, I (politely) ignored her message. 

You can either be relevant, or you can be ignored.

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At a minimum, you must do a bit of cold research to see what details you can gather about the prospect. Spend a little time checking out their website, LinkedIn profile, etc. 

But, if you’re working through referrals and introductions, your best opportunity for Radical Relevance is going to come through warm research.

Talk to your referral source and try to get the “insider scoop.” What information can you find out about the prospect that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to gather through cold research?

For example, you’d probably be able to figure out where the person went to college just by looking at their LinkedIn profile. So, while that information is good to have, it’s not going to make your message Radically Relevant to the prospect.

But, let’s assume the prospect owns their own business and your referral source tells you that the prospect is hoping to sell the business, once his oldest child graduates college in 3 years. This gives you a much better idea of what the prospects goals are, and what is likely going to be important to him right now, right?

When you gain context, then you can approach them with the right message.

So, meet your prospects where they are. Do a little bit of research, gain context first, and then reach out with a more Radically Relevant message.

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