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RULE #1: The Shortest Route to Relevance

by Bill Cates
Radical Relevance Rule #1: The shortest route to relevance

In my book Radical Relevance, I lay out The 17 Rules of Radical Relevance. I will be recording short videos for each one of these rules. They will be quick and easy for you to consume, and extremely valuable to your business (I promise). To check out all 17 Rules of Radical Relevance, click here

RULE #1: The shortest route to relevance is through an introduction from a trusted source.

Referrals and Introductions work because of borrowed trust. When a trusted source makes a solid introduction, you’re automatically relevant.

You know, in all our efforts to cut through all the noise in the marketplace and actually get our message in front of someone, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the straightest line … the shortest route .. is through an introduction from someone that person trusts.

Now, depending on the level of trust between the referral source and the new prospect, that borrowed trust can go a long way. But, it doesn’t go all the way. We, at some point, have to start earning our own trust. That’s why our message must not only be relevant, but also compelling – to move the prospect to take action. That’s really why I wrote this book, because even if we’re working from introductions, you still have to have an effective way to talk about your value.

Prefer to watch than read? Check out the video below.

The bottom line is that this first Rule of Relevance is about making a commitment to meeting your new prospects through introductions, because there is no more relevant way to do that.

First of all, they’re going to pay attention, because the introduction is coming from someone they trust.

Second, you will learn about the new prospect from the referral source – gaining insight and information that only someone who knows them will be able to provide.

Make a commitment to introductions and you’re already on the road to Radical Relevance.

Stay tuned for Rule #2… 

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