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How to Use the Power of 3’s to Get More Referrals

by Bill Cates
The Power of 3's


Let’s start with a fun little quiz shall we? Fill in the blanks:


The Sun, the Moon and the _______.


The 3 Little _______. Goldilocks and the 3 ______.


The 3 ______.   Bronze, Silver, and ________.


Three Blind _______.   Huey, Louie, and _________.



Everywhere you look throughout history there’s been power in 3’s; in the triad.


Is it the fact that we’re the third planet from the sun? Is it because of the Holy Trinity?


No one knows for sure, but I ran into a financial professional the other day who told me that he has fun with his request for referrals by invoking the power of three.


I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the exact example he told me, but it goes something like this…


George, let’s see if we can identify three people in your life who you think deserve to make the same educated decisions about their financial future as you’ve been making.


Call them the 3 Stooges or 3 Blind Mice – or whatever you like – but let’s go for three.


What about your sister Donna? How do you feel about introducing me to her? Can we craft an approach that will feel comfortable to everyone?


He told me that by suggesting three introductions and having some fun with how all of us think in terms of threes, he is having great success getting his clients to brainstorm with him.


Maybe he says, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” I don’t know. But you get the point. Have fun and use the power of 3!


Personally, I think this is brilliant. Having some fun always loosens everyone up, and creating an expectation of three – in a fun way, so no pressure – increases the chances of getting more than one introduction.


I’d really love to hear from you about this idea. Feel free to post a comment below.


If you’re curious about this power of 3, Ira Kalb (Ira Kalb is assistant professor of clinical marketing at the Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California and president of Kalb & Associates.) writes this in his article for Business Insider…


“Most stable shape


Those well versed in geometry know that a triangle with three sides is the most stable shape. This is why bridges and buildings that must carry a lot of weight have structural elements based on triangles. In the scouts and the army, they teach you to triangulate your position so you don’t get lost. You pick three points approximately 120 degrees apart to fix your position.”


“Rule of thirds in art and music


Photographers, artists, and designers learn the rule of thirds. An experienced photographer tries to place the horizon line of their photograph one-third from the top or one-third from the bottom and not in the middle (where amateurs often place it). Painters often put the main objects of their paintings at one of the four intersection points, or hot spots, that are placed one third from the right & left and top & bottom of the canvas. When composing an ad, a good designer will visually use the rule of thirds in their composition. If we consider color, it is no surprise that there are three primary colors – red, yellow, and blue. And, in music, the third note of every scale provides the most basic harmony that human ears find pleasing.”



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