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3 Reasons to Commit to Niche Marketing

by Bill Cates
Get Rich with Niche Marketing!

Niche Marketing… Target Marketing… Vertical Marketing…


These are not a new concepts to you. BUT, are you truly leveraging the substantial power of niche marketing to find more clients to serve, more revenue to generate… and more dollars in your bank account? 


AND, if this is so effective, why don’t more professionals and businesses fully engage in this powerful strategy? In 2 words… Mistaken Assumption.


The mistaken assumption is this:  “If I commit to niche marketing and only focus on this target market, I’ll give up so much other opportunity.”   The reality is that, yes, you may miss some opportunities, you’ll be so successful in your focus market that you’ll hardly notice… and truly won’t care.



3 Significant Benefits to Niche Marketing


While there are many perks that you can experience by narrowing your marketing focus, most of them fit under the umbrella of these 3 main benefits…


1. Niche Marketing Helps You Deliver a More Relevant Marketing Message


You brains of your prospects and clients are constantly taking in all the information presented to them and instantly deciding, “Is this relevant to me?”  If not, the brain moves on. And so does their attention.


Look at how Google and Amazon instantly knows how to present you with relevant information.


Today’s prospects and clients not only need your message to be relevant to them in order to grab their attention, they EXPECT it. 


The more narrow your focus, the more exacting your messaging becomes – on your website, LinkedIn Profile, emails to prospects, and what comes out of your mouth.


The more exacting your message, the more you will attract the right people to you, and repel the wrong people away from you.   Yes – you want to be compelling and repelling at the same time.



2. Niche Marketing Helps You Become Super Referable – Faster


When you focus on a specific niche market, you know their world better, so you’re able to bring better solutions to their problems.  Heck, you will know problems they have that they don’t even know they have.


This isn’t just perceived value.  This is real value.  You will ask them better questions and be more precise in your advice and solutions.


And then “social proof” starts to play an increasing role for you.  As they see more and more people in their world working with you, they naturally want to refer more to you. Introducing you to others validates their decision to work with you.


3. Referrals and Introductions Will Become Easy and Natural for You


When you bring a shot gun approach to your marketing, it’s hard to identify the right prospects.  Being all things to all people makes you less relevant to everyone.


It’s much easier to identify the right prospects for you in a target market. You can find lists on the internet – company/association websites and LinkedIn searches.


Your clients will know people just like themselves in your target market.


You will discover and partner with Referral Partners who are also targeting the same niche.  Referrals and introductions are always easier to get when you play inside a specific niche.


Narrow your focus and expand your results!


PS – Don’t keep these ideas a secret. Tell your colleagues and business-owner clients.


P.S. Don't Keep This a Secret!




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